Verse Behavior: The 15 Best Quotables From Tech N9ne’s ‘Strangeulation’


For nearly the last two decades, Tech N9ne has been a staple in the underground circuit. His fast paced style combined with his off the wall subject matter has garnered him one of the most loyal followings in all of music. When the industry didn’t make him a favorable star, he took matters into his own hands and made his Strange Music imprint one of the most successful independent campaigns of all time.

Now with features on his albums by Lil’ Wayne, making the Forbes list, and forming a solid crew of rappers just like him, Tech N9ne gives us “Strangeulation” – an crew album which watches him play the leader while allowing his team to shine. Let’s take a look at the best moments from Tech N9ne’s “Strangeulation.” — Majid Tejan-Jalloh | @jidsays

Strangeulation I (Verse 1)

And you see me, K. Lamar, and Macklemore sharin’ the same stage
I’m the nigga all these artists look up to
Yet for Tech it’s been the hardest to bust through

Tech N9ne is a staple in the underground and like a business model for all independent artists looking to stay true to their art, but he’s never been able to break that barrier to the mainstream. It’s all good though, because the guys who have all acknowledge Tech as one of their influences.

Strangeulation I (Verse 1)

Aimin’ at ’em and its agony
Burner blew his brain and back and these
Cannons came and caved in cavity, caliber, connect, cap it

This is what I love about Tech N9ne’s style. Alliteration with a razor sharp flow. It works every time.

Strangeulation I (Verse 1)

I’m different, she said how, I said I’m black and I can say nigger bitch!
To him I may just be another bro with a flow
We’ll probably never tour cause it’ll be thousands of Juggalos at his show

Eminem and Tech N9ne would be a sick tandem, but Tech’s affiliation with ICP has put a stake in that talk.

Hard (A Monster Made It) (Intro)

Ya’ll saw that Forbes list 2 years in a row, nigga, don’t play!

Through all of the psycho talk, Tech is still about his paper. Last year was one of his best as he graced Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash Kings List with a cool $7.5 million.

Over It (Verse 2)

Better pray that they want to come see your show
That right there gonna be your dough

Tech knows the game very well. He understands that with all of the new technology and pirating, getting people to pay for music may be harder than getting them to come see you live. If the people want to see nobody can take that away from you.

Nobody Cares (The Remix) (Verse 1)

Tecca Nina spending cake up in Vegas
Got the mule and 40 acres decades ago

Tech touches on the classic ¨40 Acres and a mule¨ concept where freed slaves would receive this as reparations for their servitude. Nina knows his history and doesn’t celebrating his success by blowing that dough in Las Vegas.

Great Night (Godemis) (Verse 2)

I’m packin’ a pack of kill but I’m straight with bein’ a villain
My bloody gear from yesterday’s probably what I’m still in

This is the type of gruesome imagery youŕe going to get when you mess with a Tech N9ne album, yes.

Red Rags (Kutt Calhoun) (Verse 2)

It’s Soo-Woo business, then yous through nigga
Blood? I don’t give a fuck if I knew you nigga
That’s that 85 mentality, victim of your reality

Back in their his banging days Calhoun was a straight savage. It was blood over everything and if you weren’t in on that theory, tough luck.

Which One (Verse 3)

I’ve become a scumbag fuckbuddy needed to wipe after
She got me and my lady’s cum rag, that’s just one of the things I done bad
Like when I put Dulcolax liquid mixed it within my brother’s rum flask

And this is casual sex with Tech N9ne, ladies. You’ve been warned.

American Horror Story (Godemis) (Verse 2)

Lookin’ down at my shitlist, wonderin’ how did it get so long
I’d rather be the one pissed off, than to ever be the one pissed on

This song was all around dopeness. The American Psycho references, the production, the way the artists approached the track. You need to hear this. This line stands out for obvious reasons, it captures the song in 2 bars. It also gets bonus points for the fact that it’s just like Kanye’s popular line from New Slaves.

Fear (Verse 2)

I give my arm, leg, leg, arm, head if that means my momma get better
Toughest thing to swallow is when someone who raised you, they gonna forget ya

This is probably the deepest Tech gets on Strangeulation. In a verse dedicated to his mother’s sickness he touches on how hard it is for him to accept that the effect that her disease is having on her brain is taking a toll on him mentally as well.

Strangeulation III (Wreckonize) (Verse 1)

Born in precision on rhythm spittin’ could swat a fly
For them to just kick a single shillings from Spotify

Wreckonize admits that he isn’t fond of the way streaming services like Spotify are paying their artists. For all the work he puts in, he thinks he deserves a little more than a penny for his thoughts.

Strangeulation III (Ubiquitous) (Verse 4)

Thought about my life
You thought the same
And couldn’t think of shit (Ha!)

A slick ass line from Ubiquitous. This is one of the most creative ways to shit on a hater,

Na Na (Verse 1)

My goodness, you’re the reason for my woodness
You got the kind of shit that’ll make me go hoodless
I’mma hood this, miss’s got a permanent seat on my face she could sit

I’m going to use this at the club this weekend.

Strangeulation IV (Krizz Kaliko) (Verse 4)

And I don’t stay gucci down to the linens
I’ll let you trick off, she jerking my dick off and grinnin’

Krizz Kaliko has that highly sought after talent of being charismatic while maintaining a high level of lyricism. He has some of the most enjoyable verses throughout the album.

Verdict: Usually when you get a crew album, you expect the leader to shine and then a couple of nice verses from the others here and there. However, that isn’t the case here. Tech N9ne has built a strong crew that stays in line with his ethics. With that said, sometimes there’s just a lot going on that sounds really dope, but when broken down theres not much there. All in all, this album makes for a pleasurable listen with more than its own share of great moments. “Strangeulation” is a great extension of the Strange Music brand.

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