Think You Know Angie Martinez? #ThisIsHot97 Doesn’t Do Her Justice, These 22 Tweets Do.

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Angie Martinez can easily be described as the Voice of New York, but what else do we know about the Funk Flex protégé? If you follow her on Twitter you can conclude that she Instagrams a lot more than she tweets (which still isn’t much). If you listen to the radio (Hot 97 specifically), you know she’s interviewed some of your favorite rappers and is pretty damn good at it. If you follow her early career you know she’s a former rapper and actress herself. Consider Angie Martinez the Jane of all trades. She’s also one hell of a cook. Oh, and she’s Puerto Rican. Woop!

After digging through her 9,758 tweets, which are mainly Angie Review Twitter updates, below are 20 tweets that allow for a better look inside who Angie Martinez, the normal human being, is. Get ready…

Angie’s an awesome mother. Peter Rosenberg agrees. Therefore, it’s got to be true.

Nightlife in Angie’s world is pretty cool. I mean who else gets to hang with Cee Lo Green and Allan Houston, together? Everybody loves Angie.

Angie promotes healthy living.

And positivity too.

Her and Laura Stylez aren’t just co-workers. They’re actual friends.

They gets busy. Angie knows how to have fun.

DJ Khaled be all up in Angie’s Instagram comments.

More positivity. Angie’s all about spreading that good word. Stay up fam!

Angie loves her empanadas. Don’t we all!?

Angie is in fact, the voice of New York!!!

Spell check has gotten the best of Angie, like many of us, at least once before.


If you want to become best friends with Angie, just invite her to a ballet show. You’re welcome (:

She’s a jokester!

UConn fan much?

She’s a fan of Greek food and loves Miss Info, dearly.

Angie can be sweet and sour, like a SourPatch. Just be careful not to mess wit her, or she’ll get sour and fast.

Spring time brings allergies around Angie’s way. ):

She’s good friends with Fat Joe. It’s no biggie. #LatinPower

This one time, Angie got stuck at the airport and waited 5 hours for her flight. Grrr…

She may be the Voice of NY, but she’s as casual and level-headed as they come. Oh Angie…

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