‘Sterling’s Lady Is The Problem’ & 7 Other Compelling Points Magic Johnson Made in His Interview with Anderson Cooper

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The Donald Sterling controversy hit a new high when the L.A. Clippers owner slammed Magic Johnson during his interview with Anderson Cooper this week. The 80-year-old put Johnson’s work ethic for the urban community into question and continues to claim that he’s not a racist. Cooper got the opportunity to speak to Magic Johnson and give him a chance to respond to Sterling’s outrageous statements and clear up any kind of misconception that Sterling was attempting to cause.

The former Laker offered some advice to Sterling, emphasized the work that he has done for urban youth in L.A. and a lot more. He also spoke on his feelings towards purchasing the franchise should the Sterling family be stripped of their ownership. Here are a few key points that will have Sterling backing into the corner.


1. “This interview was not good.”

Judging by Anderson’s comfort level even before he played the interview, we knew it was just bad around. From the start, Sterling’s crocodile tears weren’t going to work for a sympathy plea.

2. “It’s shocking. It’s sad. He didn’t do his homework.”

Sterling made remarks about Johnson’s work ethic (or lack thereof) in the urban community. In 1995, Johnson opened a chain of movie theaters in minority neighborhoods. Not only did he provide jobs, but he also provided a new source of entertainment for the residents. He also started the Magic Johnson Foundation which helps find the cure for HIV. Does Sterling even know who Magic is?

3. “The commissioner did a great job of banning him for life.”

Though there are very few that feel similar, Johnson was only repeating how a majority of the league and the fans feel. Adam Silver is a saint!


4. “He needs to address his lady because that’s the problem.”

He does speak the truth. Although his remarks were belittling, they were said in what he thought to be a private conversation. Some states still have laws against recording without prior knowledge. V. Stiviano may have some legal trouble to face in the near future.


5. “I’m going to pray for the man.”

It’s good to know he’s so forgiving.


6. “He wants us to play for him, but he doesn’t want us in the stands.”

This was something the owner under fire tried to defend in his discussion with Cooper. Sterling tried to explain that the context he was using in his conversation with V. Stiviano was not meant to disgrace anyone. He’s still trying to argue that he’s not a racist.


7. “He’s in his own world if he thinks everybody wants to see him back as owner of the Clippers.”

If the NBA banned him, it’s pretty clear that he’s not wanted.


8. “I wanna really have or be apart of…the Lakers, not the Clippers.”

The rumor mill was spinning once the ownership of the Clippers was revealed to be at stake. Johnson was considered by the media to be one of the first to place an offer for the team in light of the situation. There were several other big names like Diddy, Rick Ross and even Oprah who expressed their feelings about owning the Clippers. However, Johnson shot down that notion, explaining that the only team he would invest in would be the Lakers.

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