‘Justin Bieber’s Hangin’ with The Wrong Crowd,’ Tyler The Creator Says He’s F*ckin’ Up & More in Interview

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Odd Future’s always on the move, doing something, performing somewhere, causing havoc or having fun. Recently the FADER premiered their second episode of “At Home With…” featuring Earl Sweatshirt. Members Tyler, Lionel, Jasper, Taco and Earl Sweatshirt are back for a third season of typical OF behavior in Adult Swim’s “Loiter Squad.” In sight of all their hard work, the squad they joined Ricky Camilleri on HuffPost Live for a few words – okay maybe more than a few, an entire 25 minutes worth.

Camilleri plays a game with the group where Tyler admits that he thinks the Biebz is “f*cking up.”  Tyler says he doesn’t give away free sh*t and reveals that Seth Rogen really gets down with their clothing brand. Who knew? You can catch Seth Rogen sporting some OFWGKTA gear, that he purchased on his own, in his new movie “Neighbors.”


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