Snoop Gets His Al Davis On, Produces 3 First Round NFL Picks


Snoop Dogg is feeling the pride after the NFL Draft. De’Anthony Thomas was one of the three college football players who started playing the game through Snoop Dogg’s Youth Football program in California. Thomas played for the Crenshaw Bears at the age of 12, went off to Oregon to play at the collegiate level and he’s now been drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs as the 124th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The West coast rapper spoke with TMZ about Thomas’ accomplishment and about the true goals of starting the pee-wee league back in 2005. Kam Jackson of University of California and Greg Ducre of Washington State were also picked up in the draft. “We are very happy and very proud of these kids,” said Snoop.

Snoop’s so proud that he gave Thomas a special shout out on his Instagram. The Snoop Youth Football League is doing so well that the veteran rapper is planning an first-annual awards and wants to offer kids with a high GPA to play in his program for free.

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