Verse Behavior: The 8 Best Quotables From The Roots’ ‘…And Then You Shoot Your Cousin’


Almost 20 years strong and The Roots are back with a new album titled “…And Then You Shoot Your Cousin.” The 10 track album features frequent collaborators and few surprises here and there like only the Philadelphia crew can pull off. You know what it is. Let’s take a look at the best moments from “…And Then You Shoot Your Cousin.” — Majid Tejan-Jalloh | @jidsays


Never (Black Thought) (Verse 1)

I was born faceless in an oasis
Folks disappear here and leave no traces

Black Thought’s first words on the album are one for the ages. He introduces us to the solemness throughout the album with the perfect line to describe it. Faceless in an oasis – just another person trying to remain positive in the hell that surrounds them.

Never (Black Thought) (Verse 1)

When I was young something I often was told
It’s not a bargain if it costs you your soul
Costs you your pride, caution aside

The age old adage of staying true to yourself. People will do things they never thought they would for a little bit of gold.

When The People Cheer (Greg Porn) (Verse 1)

I don’t give a fuck, now maybe that’s abstinence
Or the arrogance of someone who ain’t got shit
That think money over bitches is a stock tip…

Greg Porn’s verse comes from the perspective of the modern materialist, always having to keep up with trends and living by rap mottos. While trying to keep up, this person seems to have lost themselves and everything they’ve had.

Understand (Dice Raw) (Hook)

People ask for God, ’till the day he comes
See God’s face – turn around and run
God sees the face of a man
Shaking his head, says “he’ll never understand”

This is the irony of life. We all seek God in times of trouble, but when he it’s time to hold up our end of the bargain, how many of us can say we’ve followed the good book? The blueprint is there, we just won’t follow.

Understand (Greg Porn) (Verse 2)

Got me thinking ’bout doing a jihad with these guys
Who only True Religion look better than Levi’s

Much of the content on …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin deals with the battle humans have with obeying religion and faith. Porn uses this verse to speak from a gangster’s point of view.

Understand (Greg Porn) (Verse 2)

I pray, I pray, all thoughts go to heaven
Or to a new hell with a Wi-Fi connection

Greg Porn’s verse includes this really dope line about intentions and the modern world. The gangster who Greg plays in the verse lets us know that his actions don’t reflect his well meaning thoughts, and hopes God acknowledges them. If not, he’ll be good in hell as long as he can use the fun gizmos we have today to keep us distracted.

The Dark (Trinity) (Dice Raw) (Verse 3)

Yeah I sold crack to get my soul back
They say it’s gonna cost a fortune
And I wonder if the lord take debit?
‘Cause a nigga got real bad credit
If not I ain’t got a whole lot so a nigga like me just can forget it

In the hunt for money the Dice Raw sold crack. He knows that it is one of the lowest forms of profession morally and is willing to accept the consequences. Sad.

Tomorrow (Raheem Devaughn) (Verse 2)

Some say that happiness will never find you
Until you find yourself
Some say that happiness is all around you
It ain’t how you measure your wealth

Raheem Devaughn was given his own track with” Tomorrow.” The record is completely sung and is probably the happiest the album gets. In this line Raheem drops a jewel about finding happiness within.

Verdict: When Tariq Trotter and Ahmir Thompson formed hip hop’s first ¨band¨ in 1987, who thought that they would be a staple in the culture two decades later? Yet, we have Black Thought, Questlove, and the rest of The Roots still delivering quality music and keeping hip hop’s integrity in tact in 2014. “…And Then You Shoot Your Cousin” is another notch under their belt. The album’s somber mood bodes well with it’s grey subjects dealing with rock bottom and searching for an out.

Musically, the Roots experiment a lot. A lot of moments of classic piano, a lot of interludes, and a full song from Raheem Devaughn. If the album is only 10 tracks, you don’t have much space to fit dope verses from Black Thought in between. Overally a good album, just a little short.


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