7 Exercises That Should Be Included In RossFit


Rick Ross recently revealed that he’s getting into shape and shedding some pounds. In a recent interview with Tim Westwood, the Maybach Music CEO discussed his plans to hit the gym and shed some pounds while still continuing to eat the same foods he likes. What’s his million dollar secret you ask? Exercise. Rozay has called his new health venture “RossFit” and he’s sticking to it.

But what exactly does “RossFit” entail? It can’t just be a simple Filthy 50. Go big or go home. Ross’ new workout routine needs to be rigorous, hardcore but not too much to avoid any impending seizures. So what’s the best direction he can take? Aside from completely changing his diet (Which he should), we’ve developed the perfect “RossFit” workout for the bawse. Here’s 7 exercises he should included in his workout routine.

1. 100 Handstand Push Ups (To The Limit)

2. 100 Walking In Lunges

3. 100 Ring, Ring Dips

4. 100 Super High Elevators


5. Be Wall-Ball Ready. 100 Reps


6. 100 Sanctified Thrusters

rickross (1)

7. And The Usual Battle Ropes. 100 Reps


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