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It started a year ago after WorldStarHipHop picked up her acoustic YouTube cover of Keef’s “Love Sosa” and I must say it was something else. She was known as the “white girl who covered the Chief Keef song” and slowly, but surely her Twitter followers grew by the masses. There’s just something magical about a sweet voice and pretty face singing the word “fuck.”

After listening to Heaton on a number of tracks it becomes obvious that she carries more than just a tantalizing voice. Because most songs don’t have guitar riffs, she sits and listens to each one a few times before she plays what “feels right.” From there it’s a wrap and just like that Heaton turns each track into a never before heard acoustic ballad. It’s definitely an admirable twist.

In addition to covering songs, Niykee also also writes her own music. Most recentl, she released “Bad Intentions.”

She released a cover to Trinidad James’ hit single “All Gold Everything” and received praise from the man himself during his pop.

He’s so cool!” Niykee said of James. “He had very nice things to say about my cover which was awesome.”

 James isn’t the only one extending a word of praise after hearing one of his song covered. Pusha T tweeted Heaton’s cover of “Blocka,” adding “Street Music Has No Boundaries.” Just recently, XXL Freshman Ty Dolla $ign caught wind of one of Niykee’s covers adding “it didn’t hurt that she also looked good too” to the overal compliment. Do we smell any upcoming collaborations…or nah?

So why hasn’t this cute blonde beauty hopped up on any major wave yet? I’m not sure, but Niykee’s here folks and she’s here to stay. Just imagine your favorite rapper bringing her out to open with an acoustic version of whatever his biggest hit is at the moment. My favorite thing about the summer is that the hotter the weather, the more ratchet the songs and ratchet songs always make great for a Niykee Heaton remake. Keep an eye out. Someones waiting for the perfect moment to snag this doll.

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