Denzel Reunites With ‘Training Day’ Director To Take On The Mob. We’re Like FTW!


“It’s about a guy who is a knight in shining armor who lives in a world where knights no longer exist.”

The above line is delivered by Denzel Washington to a young lady he’s chatting up at a diner. When she responds in kind: That’s the kind of world where I live in, you know shhh is about to get real.

The trailer is for Washington’s reunion with Antoine Fuqua, the director and actor first worked together on “Training Day,” where the latter gave us one of his career-defining performances complete with a gold statue to recognize the achievement.

Here, they partner for “The Equalizer,” set for a September 2014 release. In the clip, Washington plays what seems like a retired enforcer, who sees himself as a chivalrous warrior, hence his line at the start, which he used to to explain a book he’s writing. But after the mob is making move on women, well, let’s just say that doesn’t sit with Denzel.

H/t: TSS.

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures.

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