50 Cent Drops The Ball, In The Complete Wrong Direction

50 cent

We know 50 Cent as the man who came from nothing, dominated his career in hip-hop and conquered Vitamin Water. Who knew he’d be so bad at pitching a baseball?

I’ll go ahead and assume this was 50 taking a piece of his own advice off his self-improvement bible, “The 50th Law.”

Know When to Be Bad:

You will always find yourself among the aggressive and the passive-aggressive who seek to harm you in some way. You must get over any general fears you have of confronting people or you will find it extremely difficult to assert yourself in the face of those who are more cunning and ruthless. Before it is too late you must master the art of knowing when and how to be bad – using deception, manipulation and outright force at the appropriate moments. Everyone operates with a flexible morality when it comes to their self-interest – you are simply making this more conscious and effective.

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