Andrew Wiggins Says He’s Shaping His Game After Kobe, T-Mac and Paul George….


The 2014 NBA Draft has more game-changers than a book written by John Heilmann and Mark Halperin. At the forefront of that list is Andrew Wiggins, who along with his college teammate Joel Embiid and Duke’s Jabari Parker, as the consensus to be drafted among the top three picks. Embiid, with his bad back, has already worked out and footage has made its way online. Parker worked out as a part of reps set up by his agent. Wiggins, we’re still waiting on you; although, in the clip above you can seen a tidbit of a workout.

Here, the Canadian import talks with ESPN’s draft expert, Chad Ford, to discuss what he’s added to his game since the season ended (dribbling lower to the ground, some go-to moves) and who he watches to tips, other than, of course, his Airness.

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