7 Things Straight Out of Charles Hamilton’s Mouth That Confirm He’s Still Not All There

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Sa Neter Tv7 caught the interesting Charles Hamilton out on the streets of Harlem. In a totally unplanned and unexpected interview the group shared a few words with Hamilton regarding his religious views, aliens, witchcraft, Kanye, Jimmy Iovine, homosexuality in hip-hop and so much more. This wouldn’t be the first time Hamilton went on record to discuss his ills, but this…this is just bonkers. If there was ever any doubt that Charles Hamilton was anything other than ‘out there’ this interview surely confirmed it.

These are the things that he believes:

  • Charles Hamilton believes he’s a witch. The Bible is a spell and the death of Jesus is a curse. Let us pray. 
  • Charles Hamilton believe Jimmy Iovine is the closest thing we got to God. Now, that doesn’t go to say he doesn’t believe he’s the closest thing to God as well. I’m confused. 
  • Charles Hamilton will ease up on Kanye West when Ye acknowledges the power of magic.
  • Charles Hamilton bows to Sonic the Hedgehog. I can’t front, I did too at one point in my life. I was 7.
  • Charles Hamilton believes Drake is an alien. According to Charles, the melody in “Started From The Bottom” is the mental ringtone of the aliens. Whatttt?
  • Charles Hamilton worships a black man: J. Dilla. Can we please have a moment of silence?
  • Charles Hamilton will accept Jesus is white the sooner we accept space is black.
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