Something’s Not Right, A Few Questions We Have About The KimYe Wedding

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Kim and Kanye share a special bond. They’re two out of this world individuals who now share a world. While we initially doubted the realness behind their love we almost have no choice to believe it. What better validation than a wedding (that hasn’t been aired on TV)?  After Instagram pictures surfaced from guests’ we all had our fair share of questions in regards to this weekend’s wedding, like why was so-and-so wasn’t there or why so-and-so was there. Well, I’ve got the answers.

How did Blac Chyna get into the wedding?

How did Tyga get into the wedding?!

Oh yea, he was Chyna’s plus one. 

Why weren’t the Carters there? Oh yea, the Hampton’s, but why there and not at their friend’s wedding?

Two words: Solange Knowles

Was 2 Chainz really in attendance?

We’ll never know as his Instagram account bares no clue. He tweeted nothing of the wedding either. 

Was Teyana Taylor, invited? 

We’re going to stick with a solid no on this one. After rumors surfaced of G.O.O.D music’s first lady and Ye being an item back in 2001, I think Kim was quick to put a halt on this invitation. 

Where was Taylor Swift?! 

Just kidding.. 

Where the fuck was Pusha?

In Russia. 

How did Lana Del Rey get in?

She got paid…a reportedly $2.8 million for performing three songs.

So what did John Legend get paid for performing the first song they danced to as a married couple?

On the house?  

Does this mean John Legend got to opt out of getting KimYe a wedding gift?

Slick bastard…I wonder if his girlfriend, Chrissy Teigen was also off the hook. 

What do you get Kim and Kanye as a wedding gift?!

Givenchy, lots and lots of gold…sorted gold and baby Givenchy for North. 

Where was French Montana?

At home, put…waiting for Khloe to get back. Frenchie knows his lane and a gift fit for Kimye simply wasn’t in his budget.

How much did the entire extravaganza cost? 

Catering: $110,000. Forte di Belvedere: $400,000. Jets: $74,000…per aircraft. Hotel: $68,000. Lavish family dinner: $409/per person. Lana: $2.8 million. Andrea Bocelli: $136,000+. Do the math. 

Who wore it better?

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