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7 Reasons Why 50 Cent Won’t Be Father Of The Year

50 Cent hasn’t had the best press lately. Although he still laughing off his terrible pitch at the Mets game last night, the Queens rapper is struggling with his family life (or lack thereof). Recently, Curtis Jackson’s ex, Shaniqua Tompkins, paid a visit to V-103 in Atlanta to talk about 50 missing their son Marquise’s graduation this past month.

During the interview, Tompkins spoke on what happened with the graduation and divulged deeper into their relationship more than anyone else has before. Based off her side of the story, this is what we’ve learned about 50’s parenting skills.

1. According to 50, he wasn’t invited to the graduation.

50 Cent claimed that he was not cordially invited to his son’s high school graduation. Tompkins’ responded by saying that she knows he’s busy but he could have called the school about the graduation, if not him then his assistant. He knew his son was in 12th grade. He knows kids graduate usually around May/June.

2. He’s full of promises that he won’t keep.

50 Cent offered to pay for Marquise’s school tuition but never got around to doing so. He still pays child support but according to Tompkins, “He pays more for his light bill in his house in Connecticut than he does in child support”.

3. He wanted Tompkins to get a job, but he shut down her attempts.

50 has told Tompkins to get a job. But, Tompkins was contracted to work with the TLC network on a reality show. Supposedly, 50 shut that down.

4. His abandonment issues might be the problem.

Tompkins revealed some issues in 50’s that may reflect his behavior with his family. He never knew his father and his mother passed away when he was 9. Tompkins claims that Jackson’s grandmother filled her in on his issues when she had Marquise.

5. 50 hasn’t seen his son in two years.

Towards the end of the interview, Tompkins claims that 50 went on Mike & Kelly and talked about his son turning 17 soon and things of that nature on-air. In reality, the last time he saw Marquise was May 2012. The last time they even talked was through text when he told off his son and told him to lose his number.

6. 50 Cent allegedly beat on Tompkins

50’s ex told the story of when 50 caught her seeing someone else. When she came home, he lost it and started beating on her. She described it more as an emotional breakdown than an intentional beating because he would cry in between hits.

7. 50 Cent’s son is even used to his neglectful antics.

Tompkins explained that there was a time when their son Marqiuse would feel down about his relationship with his father. He wouldn’t speak lightly of it and even cried. But she said as time went on and he saw more of his ways, Marquise felt more sorry for his father than mad.

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