Apple/Beats Marriage Reveals Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine New Titles….

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As of last night Apple and Beats Electronics are one. The marriage became official after Apple bought out the company for a flat $3 billion, making Dre a very, very rich man. The great news didn’t stop there, however. Along with that announcement came news that Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine would be brought on board as executive over at Apple. Their roles are still unclear. The Wall Street Journal, however, is reporting that Dr. Dre and Iovine’s titles clear: simply be “Dre” and “Jimmy.” Talk about fitting.

The newly united Apple and Beats Music didn’t wait a minute to start a price war with competitors. Beats Music’s latest app update includes a 17% drop in price for yearly subscribers in the U.S., to $99.99 from $119.88, while also extending the trial period for first-time users to 14 days. Take that Spotify!

The roughly $20-per-year savings works out to about $1.66 per month, but is only offered to subscribers who pay annually. Beats is still charging $9.99 to those who pay by the month. The price change is effective for users of the Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

Following the merge CEO Tim Cook released an enthusiastic statement expressing his joy, saying that ownership of Beats will ultimately improve Apple’s product line and extend its ecosystem. And now, a message from Tim.


This afternoon we announced that Apple is acquiring Beats Music and Beats Electronics, two fast-growing businesses which complement our product line and will help extend the Apple ecosystem in the future. Bringing our companies together paves the way for amazing developments which our customers will love.

Music is an important part of our lives and our culture. Music has the power to inspire us, to comfort us, and to send our emotions soaring. It brings people together and transcends the limits of spoken language.

Apple’s history in music began with selling Macs to musicians. That remains important to us today, but we also bring music to hundreds of millions of customers with iTunes, which is at the forefront of the digital music revolution. Music holds a special place in our hearts at Apple, and we know that we can make an even bigger contribution to something that is so important to our society. That’s why we have kept investing in music and why we’re bringing together these extraordinary teams — so we can continue to create the most innovative music products and services in the world.

Beats co-founders and music industry pioneers Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre will join Apple, along with their team of employees. Jimmy has been on the cutting edge of innovation in the music industry for decades, including as a key partner for Apple in the launch of the iTunes Music Store more than ten years ago. He has produced or collaborated with some of the most popular artists in history, and been an important contributor to the success of the iTunes Store.

Beats Music was built with deep respect for both artists and fans. We think it’s the first subscription service to really get it right. Both Apple and Beats believe that a great music service requires a strong editorial and curation team, and we will continue to expand what we do in those areas. The addition of Beats will make our incredible iTunes lineup even better, extending the emotional connection our customers have with music.

The Beats Music team will report to Eddy. The teams will be getting to know each other better in the weeks ahead, and we are very excited about the possibilities for the future.

Beats Electronics has become the brand of choice for headphones and speakers in both the music and sports world, just five years after its launch. They are among the most popular and highest-rated third-party products sold today in Apple’s retail and online stores. We see an incredible opportunity to bring Apple’s legendary design and engineering capabilities to these popular products under Phil’s leadership.

Please join me in welcoming Beats to Apple. I hope you are as excited as I am about this new chapter in our history.


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