WatchTHIS: 50 Cent Reunites G-Unit, Wiz & Snoop, and Nicki Minaj Brings Out EVERYONE at Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2014


It’s gonna be a long summer! Now, usually this time of year, when Hot 97’s Summer Jam comes around, you’d be hard press not to get soaked, cause, seemingly every year the clouds grey and it rains on the Emmis parade (of hip-hop stars). But this year, the sky was a beautiful as a Halle Berry photo shoot. And boy, did folks really take to that good weather. They did the unexpected. Starting with 50 Cent.

The Animal Ambition rapper reunited his old crew, G-Unit, which, was a surprise, considering all the potshots he was taking at them this year. And Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo clearly voiced their dissatisfaction. Young Buck, on the other hand, was clamoring for a make-up any way he could, by collaborating with Yayo and even The Game. But there, on stage at Met Life Stadium on Sunday night (June 1), Fif surprised us all and the crew, along with Fabolous, premiered the “Cuffin’ Season” (Remix).



Of course, it’s nearly impossible to enjoy an outdoor concert without some medicinal hanging in the air. So it was no surprise when Wiz Khalifa brought out his big homie, Snoop Lion Dogg, to join his set.


And Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. Safe to say that debacle between her and Hot 97 is way in the past. Cause the Queens beauty ran the show. She brought out a who’s who of heat, from Drake to Young Thug to Lil’ Herb and Weezy F.


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Photo credit: RapRadar.com

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