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The 14 Biggest WTF Moments Of Summer Jam History


Between the G-Unit reunion and Wiz Khalifa bringing out Snoop Dogg, Summer Jam has seen it’s share of WTF moments over it’s 20 year existence. It’s agreed that every year there is always some kind of drama that unfolds, unforgettable moments and special guests that chisel their appearances in the books for all to remember for years to come.

Although this year we didn’t see as much drama as before, it’s highly doubtful that there was one fan that left without saying “WTF” due to the day’s festivities. Here are some of the biggest WTF moments of Summer Jam History.

1. Wu-Tang disses Hot 97 at their own show
The Wu-Tang Clan was set to headline Summer Jam in 1997 but they weren’t too appreciative of their time slot in the lineup. They were the last to go up on the stage and it’s well-known that the crowd is usually on their way out by then. So during their set, the Shaolin crew took the time to dis the station. Along with twisting their tagline to “Where Hip-Hop Dies”, they also screamed out “Fuck Hot 97, we listen to Kiss FM!”

2. Jay Z humiliates Prodigy
In 2001, Jay Z took the stage at Summer Jam and already killed it by bringing out a huge musical guest. But the CEO of RocNation took his set a bit further. Before his set ended, he had an old picture of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy during his days as a dancer in his grandmother’s school of Mobb Deep’s. The adolescent P was dressed in leotards and a sparkling jacket. To son him real quick, all Hov had to say was “We got money stacks bigger than you.”

3. Trey Songz makes out with an underaged fan
Trey Songz went too H.A.M during his shirtless set in 2010. He pulled up a young fan from the crowd, had a quick make out session, and then asked her to open her mouth before he performed “Say Ahh”. After the concert, MediaTakeOut confirmed that the young fan was actually 15-years-old. Yikes.

4. Eminem destroys his Source Award on stage
Eminem’s beef with Benzino & The Source Magazine officially spiraled out of control at Summer Jam 2003. The Aftermath rapper fired some shots at Benzino and the magazine with Obie Trice on stage. Then, he brought out his Source Award for 2002 Lyricist of the Year and smashed it on the ground. “Take your muthackin’ award back,” said Em and then proceeded to perform “Lose Yourself”.

5. The Game throws his G-Unit chain into the crowd
In 2005, the tension was hitting critical mass in the G-Unit crew. At Summer Jam, The Game pushed it all over the edge by dissing 50 Cent on stage and then threw his G-Unit chain into the crowd. Afterwards, he faked a beating of two dummies dressed as a gorilla and a rat on stage.

6. Nas Goes M.I.A.; Ja Rule & Cam’ron replace him
In 2002, the Nas/Jay Z beef was still alive and well. So at Summer Jam, Nas wanted to hang a Jay Z doll on stage. When Hot 97 didn’t approve of his move, Nas pulled out of the performance. Last minute, we were able to have Ja Rule on deck and apparently found Cam handing out flyers in the parking lot. Once he agreed to take the stage, the time slot was successfully saved.

7. Destiny’s Child practically boo’d off stage
In 2001, Destiny’s Child was successful in the pop world but hip-hop didn’t receive them well during Summer Jam that year. The minute they hit the stage, fans started boo-ing them and the heckling began in between each song.

8. Lil Kim’s boob falls out
Although we aren’t surprised to see Kim’s breasts just chillin’, they made an unexpected appearance during Summer Jam 2008. During her special guest appearance, Kim’s titty popped out and the crowd went wild.

9. D-Block brings out LL Cool J
2008 was a wild show at the MetLife Stadium. The LOX were in full effect on the Summer Jam stage. After they brought out Fat Joe, Fabolous and N.O.R.E., the Yonkers crew brought out the Queens legend LL Cool J to perform his classic “Rock The Bells”.

10. Papoose crashes Kendrick Lamar’s set
Kendrick Lamar dominated the Summer Jam stage last year. After he performed all of his hits with a majority of TDE in attendance, K. dot walked off stage and in came Papoose to crash the party. The crowd was left in awe and confusion as Pap performed new hits from his mixtape. Kendrick claimed later that he allowed Papoose to have his last song of his set.

11. 50 Cent walks off stage during his set
It was all good for 50 Cent in 2003 but the following year at Summer Jam would be terrible for the face of G-Unit. In 2004, 50 Cent got on stage and the boo’s commenced after his first bar. In the front rows of the floor, a group of people got up and threw their chairs at 50. Though he didn’t let that stop him, the increased amount of boos caused him to drop the mic and leave the stage.

12. Lil Wayne pulls out Nicki Minaj because of Rosenberg
In 2012, Nicki Minaj was set to hit the Summer Jam stage and bring out guests like Nas, Lauryn Hill, Cam’Ron, and Foxy Brown. However, before the set began, Peter Rosenberg hit the stage and trashed Nicki’s single “Starships”. Once he heard that, Lil Wayne felt Nicki was disrespected and pulled all the YMCMB acts from the lineup, including Nicki’s & DJ Khaled’s. “It’s just an executive move, no salt, no bad feelings, no hard feelings,” Wayne told MTV.

13. 50 Cent dumps on Ja Rule & Irv Gotti
In 2003, 50 Cent took a nod from Jay Z and publicly displayed his hatred for the Murder, I.N.C duo Ja Rule & Irv Gotti. At Summer Jam, 50 aired a hilarious PSA video for the 50,000 in attendance. As clips of Ja’s music videos for “Mesmerize,” “I Cry,” and “Rainy Dayz” played, a voice asked the audience if they could point out the “bitch-ass n*gga.” The phrase was then posted directly under the faces of Ja & Gotti.

14. Jay Z brings out Michael Jackson
This one will definitely go down as one of the biggest WTF moments in Summer Jam history. in 2001, after he humiliated Prodigy, Mr. Carter took the time to bring out a legend to the stage. After performing his Jackson 5–sampled hit, “H to the Izzo”, Hov said “I know Michael Jackson better come from behind that muthafuckin’ curtain.” He went backstage and returned with the King of Pop, and the crowd went nuts. The duo struck a B-Boy pose as Jackson addressed the audience with “I love you all.”

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