Is Apple’s New iOS 8 Upgrade Worth It? Here Are 10 Feature Highlights to Help You Decide.

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Upgrades can be tricky. We never know whether we’re really going to like them or not. Some, like myself, prefer tradition and indulge sticking to what we know. Others…not so much. There are times, however, when the new upgrade can be compelling enough to make a person switch over and say “eh, screw tradition.”

Apple has unveiled iOS 8, which delivers a simpler and faster experience while navigating through your device. Here are 10 highlights, according to USA Today:

1.Home automation. All those apps for dimming the lights, opening the front door and turning on the stereo will now be accessible from within one new Apple hub on the iPhone and iPad. You’ll also be able to use the Siri digital personal assistant to voice your commands. Who’s feet should I kiss? 

2. HealthKit. Similar to what Apple is doing in the home, it puts the various apps for tracking calories and steps in one place. And the app can be accessed by your doctor or hospital to track your health. I’m interested in knowing how many people will actually put this to use. 

3. Messages: Soon, when you compose a text, you can compose a message with an audio reply. Isn’t this already an option? 

4. Attachments. In OS X Yosemite, the operating system upgrade for computers, Apple is offering a much bigger attachment limit for e-mails — up to 5 gigabytes. Thank you based god. 

5. Caller ID everywhere. When your iPhone rings, you’ll see called ID on Macs and iPads, as well, and can answer the phone in both places. You’ll be able to make phone calls from there, too. As long as my Caller ID reads “Daddy” I’m cool with it. 

6. Siri. She’ll be in more places. You can ask the Shazam music discovery app to find a song for you, or buy tunes on iTunes via Siri. Siri is everywhere…

7. Keyboard. Android keyboards are known for being able to “Swype” by moving your fingers around to compose. It’s coming to iOS 8, too. Take that Android! 

8. iCloud: Folks can share more than just photos in iCloud, accessible among multiple devices. New pricing was announced, too: 5 GBs free, or 20 GB for 99 cents monthly. Not impressed. If it ain’t free, it ain’t for me… 

9. App Store upgrade. Apple is adding search tools to make finding apps easier in the App store. Additionally, you’ll be able to buy multiple apps at one time. Make it easier for me to spend my money on your products. Smart. 

10. Apps within an app. You’ll be able to open a photo and access a widget, such as VSCO Cam photo editor, for instance, to edit the app within the app. Trippy. 

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