Don’t Let Jhene Aiko’s Slender Figure Fool You, She Goes Hard & These 22 Tweets Prove It

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Jhene Aiko appears to be small and sweet – and there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s as sweet as tea – but let’s not get it twisted. Jhene is NOT the girl you ever want to mess with, especially on Twitter. After taking the festival stage at this year’s Summer Jam event Jhene took it to Twitter to release some steam. While many stood in admiration by her performance, the crowd still held its fair share of “haters” who would be sure to let Jhene know exactly how they felt about her performance, but don’t let her slender figure fool you. Come for her neck and Jhene will tweet back at you like a missile. #Slauson, bitch.

Exhibit A. #Slauson.

The explanation behind it all…

Nutcrackers and traffic make anyone catch the @.

We noticed.

Sit back, grab your popcorn and kick up your feet. This is where it gets good. Of course since firing her set of tipsy tweets, they have been deleted, but that’s what  screenshots are for. *piump piump piump*








All thugness aside, Jhene’s really just a peaceful chick who’s always down to give someone a piece of advice that will help them become a better person and/or relieve some stress. Thanks Jhene.

One time for the haters. Don’t be mad.


She quotes Tupac and often. Jhene’s not the one you wanna mess with fam.


Jhene ain’t never scared.

These tweets give the impression that someone’s pissed Jhene off and I’d hate to be the one. Uh-oh.

In case you didn’t know, this is one of Jhene’s other ways of blowing off steam; inebriated freestyling. Somebody get her and Milli back in the stu, quick!

#slauson, hoe.

Don’t let her fast metabolism and teenage physique fool you. Jhene will annihilate you.

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