In A Struggle Attempt To Out TMZ Kim Kardashian, Ray J Gets Arrested

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Kim’s off in Prague making another baby with hubby Kanye and Ray J is in the states getting into trouble. Someone’s clearly hurt…

After allegedly grabbing a woman’s booty at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel bar in Beverly Hills Ray J was arrested for spitting at a cop and breaking a squad car window. Talk about an angry man.

The palming of the ass was deemed ‘accidental’ by cops. Ray J was just about off the hook until he refused to leave the hotel. Police say the reality star/singer became belligerent and unruly. However, according to Ray J the entire story has been made up by hotel management, who wanted him and his loud friends out.

Ray J tells TMZ he never grabbed an ass and never intentionally spit on anyone. As for the shattered cop window, that was Ray J become a bit claustrophobic. The man needed air and quick.

Ray J was booked for trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer. A representative of his has declined to comment about the arrest. I just wonder what Brandy has to say abut all of this. 


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