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T.I., We Think You Should Write More Among Other Things: Unsolicited Advice

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Dearest T.I.,

You’ve been getting into some high profile fights lately, huh? Yes, as you already know the world is just raving over your Fatburger fight with Mr. Floyd Mayweather. You just love to throw those punches don’t you?

Well, I just want to start off by saying that I give you major props my friend. It takes some serious guts and a boatload of rage to take the first swing at a world champion boxer. You’ve gotten into your fair share of run-in’s with the law, please don’t add another check mark to the record. You really don’t need it.

I know why your mad and all…Tiny supposedly hooked up with Mayweather because a picture was posted of her at his daughter’s birthday party blah blah blah. Seriously though man, it’s a birthday party…for a 13-year-old. Nothing screams “suspicious” more than cake and ice cream right? Or maybe the kid is just a fan of your wife?

But still, if you really feel uncomfortable with Mayweather and Tiny being seen at birthday parties together, maybe you can try an altered approach to confrontation.

1. Writing: regardless of what anyone tells you otherwise, writing it all down on paper can let off a lot of steam. Maybe a strongly worded letter or email to Mayweather would be more appropriate. You’re a rapper; writing is your strong
point so USE IT.

2. Kickboxing: I hear this is a great alternative to fighting. There’s nothing like kicking the s*** out of something. But this version doesn’t get you in trouble with the law or result in a black eye. (Plus you can repeatedly throw punches
without any interruption).

3. Anger Management: We all know you have some anger issues (I mean you kind of got into another fight before confronting Mayweather because you had to wait online for a club…way uncool). Talk talk talk it out. And speaking of talking…

4. ADDRESS YOUR WIFE: Seriously. You really got a problem with the two of them hanging out? Maybe your wife is the one you should be talking to before you throw punches at other people.

Honestly, to me it just sounds like you and your wife need to work on your communication skills. Example: telling your wife she has a nice ass via Instagram is just downright weird.

Yours truly,


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