Wiz Khalifa Admits To Beating Rihanna In A Smoke Out On Hot 97 Morning Show Interview

wiz khalifa

Wiz returned to Hot 97’s morning show with the OGs; Old Man Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez. He spoke on his Summer Jam performance, “28 Grams” and revealed that Nas will be featured on his “We Dem Boyz” remix. Say whattttt..  Wiz says his latest tape was inspired by Rihanna and admitted to beating the Bajan beauty in a smoke out once before. The rule is whoever K.O.s first loses and word is, she passed out first. You’re supposed to puff-puff-pass not puff-puff-pass-OUT. Can we really be surprised? I mean it is Wiz, who is really seeming to be a reincarnation of Uncle Snoop.

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