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2Pac’s Brutal Biggie Dis Track ‘Hit Em Up’ Turns 18 Today


It’s been 18 years since the East Coast/West Coasts battle was raging. 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G. were at the center of the coastal war and were embattled in one of the wildest beefs in hip-hop history. Although there were other personal matters involved, which were slung at each other via the pages of magazines and over the airwaves, the beef exploded after two notable dis tracks hit the airwaves. In the Summer of 1996, after Biggie Smalls asked “Who Shot Ya?” 2Pac came roaring back, alongside the Outlawz, with “Hit Em Up”.

Pac sampled Biggie’s crew hit “Get Money” and opened fire on the Brooklyn MC’s relationship with estranged wife Faith Evans, Bad Boy Records and even Junior M.A.F.I.A got hit in the crossfire. The video ridiculed the Notorious one even further depicting him as half man, half P.I.G.

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