G-Unit’s Reunion is Official. Here’s 15 of Their Most Rowdiest Tracks.


The hip-hop world has been blown away by the return of G-Unit. Their reunion on Hot 9’s Summer Jam stage this past Sunday set the crowd back a decade to a time when 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo were an unstoppable force. Soon after the show, new tracks surfaced of the group remixing hits from the likes of HS87 and Drake, hinting that their reunion won’t be short-lived.

Today, it’s become official. 50 Cent confirmed that a new crew album is on the way and it should be here by late November. Now that 50’s solo project Animal Ambition is on the shelves, the founder of the group can finally put some time into bringing back the gritty New York sound that G-Unit brought to fans around the country. Before then, let’s check out 15 songs that made G-Unit solid.

1. “I Smell P*ssy” Beg For Mercy

2. “Hollow Thru Him” Elephant In The Sand

3. “Confrontation” Elephant In The Sand

4. “I Like The Way She Do It” Terminate On Sight

5. “Broken Dreams” The Return Of G-Unit

6. “Loyal To The Game” G-Unit City

7. “300 Shots” Big Business

8. “Lay You Down” Beg For Mercy

9. “G-Unit Anthem” The Official G-Unit Mixtape

10. “You So Tough” Terminate On Sight

11. “Eye For Eye” Beg For Mercy

12. “Straight Outta Southside” Terminate On Sight

13. “Wanna Get To Know You” ft Joe Beg For Mercy

14. “Poppin Them Things” Beg For Mercy

15. “My Buddy” Beg For Mercy

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