Angie Martinez Plays Dr. Phil to 50 Cent: You Have To Fix It (With Your Son)

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After creating havoc on the Summer Jam stage on Sunday, 50 Cent stopped by The Angie Martinez Show to chop it up with the ‘Voice of New York.”

The two sat down and spoke of the big G-Unit reunion on stage, where 50 revealed that he sorted things out with Young Buck first before hitting Banks and Yayo. As for the Slowbucks incident, 50 is totally pleading the 5th. “I was performing,” he says, claiming he didn’t see anything. For those that didn’t watch the group’s stellar performance, there was no Game, and after sharing words with Angie on the situation, it looks like there never will be.

Things got a little emotional as 50 touched on his baby mother and son issues along with his attachment to his ill grandparents and more. Angie offers her share of motherly advice telling 50 that just like he made nice with G-Unit on stage for Summer Jam, he’s got to make nice with his son again. Angie’s right Curtis. “You have to fix it.”



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