These Women Made Rob Kardashian Fat They Don’t Even Know He’s Fat, Somebody Please Help

rob and adrienne

There’s been a Kardashian making headlines as of lately and it isn’t Kim.

In the midst of his super public struggle, baby brother Rob Kardash has headlined every major publication after missing his big sisters wedding allegedly because of his drastic weight gain. Whatever personal issues have been troubling Rob are still unconfirmed, but one thing we do know for sure is that he’s working on it. Kudos.

Now, Rob isn’t known to have the best relationship with any of his exes, but the consensus remains the same: “he’s a good guy.”

Us Weekly recently caught up with Adrienne Bailon, who dated the reality star for two years from 2007-2009. When asked how ex-beau Rob K. was doing she replied with a simple “I have no idea,” and continued to say, “I don’t know anything about [the rumors].” Sources, however, are saying otherwise.

In insider tells Us that Bailon recently met with Kardashian family friend Jonathan Cheban at the 2014 Fresh Air Fund Gala in NYC on May 29, where “Adrienne was sitting with Jonathan Cheban. They were talking about Rob,” the source reveals. “Their conversation was intense and serious,” the observer continued. “Jonathan was telling Adrienne she should reach out to Rob. He seemed concerned for him. Adrienne looked really sad—she was shaking her head, as if she didn’t know what to do or say about the whole thing.”

Will Adrienne reach out considering it’s been a few years, they didn’t have the best of breakups and she’s got a new beau? Only time can tell. “It sounded like she hadn’t made up her mind whether or not she wanted to reach out,” the source says. I wonder if she’s googled him. 

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During an interview with Power 105.1 fm back in April, Rita Ora also expressed a few of her thoughts towards Rob. “I don’t want to talk about this too much because people move onward and upwards,” Ora said. “But it was a phase and a moment in my life and now, you know… Onward and upward,” Ora said.

“Don’t get me wrong… He’s a great dude,” BUT even that might not be enough for Ora to be the one to check up on Rob during his time of trouble. Guess he shouldn’t have burned that bridge when you tweeted all those shitty things about Ora.

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Luckily Ora didn’t take all that much offense. Her response: “I think people react to things differently and like to express their feelings in certain ways. I don’t tend to use social media, so when that whole situation happened silence for me is the biggest form of flattery, and I love to just kind of keep it moving, unless I need to say something.”

Maybe Rosa Acosta should be the one to reach out. Here’s an interview she did with VladTV back in October where she praises the shit out of Rob.

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