Drake’s Lineup for HAW Isn’t What We Expected, Here Are Our Suggestions

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haw lineup

If you’re a Drake fan and residing/visiting the Houston area next weekend you’re just in luck. October’s Very Own will be showing love for H-Town from June 13-15 with a slew of fun-filled events that range from pop-up shops, warehouse concerts, pool parties and basketball tournaments. It’s not exactly what we expected, but I guess it’ll do. This is what Drake’s weekend lineup should have really looked like…

We’re thinking about letting Drake rock out with this series of happening. After all it is the first night and the series of different events is a great way to bring out everyone. I just wish the pop-up show of “premium good” was a little more specific. I sure hope you’re feeding these people Aubrey.

Not exactly sure why you’re having a live concert at a warehouse Drake, but I’ll take it under the pretense that a warehouse is rather large and you want to fit as many fans as possible. This warehouse better look amazing Drake. As for the after party w/Drake, Lil Wayne & special guests at Venue…what the fuck is that bout and why aren’t you guys partying at a Strip Club?! I’ll wait.

Pool Party – Cool. “Think Like A Man Too” Movie Premiere – Are you fucking kidding me? After party at Venue w/Drake, Kevin Hart & special guests … AGAIN? Comon Drake. You’ve got to do better. If you’ve got Kevin Hart in the mix and were doing that sort of thing (movie premieres and family outings), why not host a comedy show. Bitches love to laugh.

I’m not knocking the basketball tournament, but I would have expected that on a Saturday rather than a Sunday. In fact, you’ve still got time to make a switch Drake. The Wrap Party at Club Paradise w/Drake and “special guests” should really just be one big-day-long-OVO-pool-party. There’s still time Drake…there’s still time.

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