This Woman Got Recorded Calling A Random Man The N-Word, Now She Risks Losing Her Children

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A man in Cheektowaga, New York, recorded footage of a racist altercation between him and a woman, Janelle Ambrosia, in a parking lot outside of a store. Strangers fight everyday. What makes this so interesting? Well…

The fight allegedly started because the man scared Ambrosia’s children to pieces after starting his vehicle in front of them. She begins to flip out and repeatedly call the man a “nigger” while her children standby. Ambrosia threatens to call the cops, her lawyer and her husband who coincidentally “doesn’t like black people.” She continued to make another threat insinuating the cops will not help the man, “do you know how many cops I strip for?” Fortunately, when she threatens to throw coffee at the man, he rolls up his window. Smart move guy. 

Ambrosia took it to 93.7 WBLK to respond to the entire incident and claim she isn’t a racist, but she isn’t quite sorry. The incident has blown over and now she runs the risk of losing her children to her ex-husband. Take a listen below.

Her tweets, however, prove otherwise but my spidy senses tell me this is not her actual account. Let’s not be fooled.

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