Lil Wayne Pal Defends The Bieb: He Adopted African-American Culture


Now, Justin Bieber has been caught on tape not once, but TWICE uttering the N-word via distasteful jokes. But the singer, whose music leans decidedly black, has his defenders, even after the second leak. Lil Wayne pal and Young Money president Mack Maine not only threw his full support around Bieber, the New Orleans native also put the footage in a measured context considering the pop star’s age at the time the offenses occurred.

“Bieber does not have a slave mentality. He treats his people with respect,” Maine told TMZ. “[He has] legitimately adopted the culture of the hip hop, African American culture. I remember telling a white man, Chinese man, Black man joke as a kid that was terrible and I told it to my friends because I thought they’d think it was funny.”

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