Sean Kingston May Look Sweet, But He’s Tougher Than The Mafia


According to TMZ, Sean Kingston was contracted to host and perform at Avalon in Hollywood Wednesday night, alongside Carmen Electra and The Jazmin Sisters. Kingston’s pay for the event was said to be $11,000, half of which he received up front. The other half, however, is still in question.

After a dispute over his appearance fee Kingston allegedly had his security pin the club promoter against the wall, where they then stole his watch, iPhone and a couple grand in cash.

Sources say the promoter was upset that Kingston didn’t hype the event on his social media and showed up three hours late.

Cops were called to the scene, but no arrests were made. Police have confirmed the victim’s plea over Kingston’s attack.

According to officials, Kinston is not named as a suspect in the police report. His bodyguards, who are denying any involvement, are listed as witnesses. Police say the watch and phone were found later on club premises, but the cash is gone.

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