The Best Fake Twitter Accounts You Need to Be Following Right Now, No…Seriously


It’s easy to make a parody account on Twitter, but it’s not so easy to make it relevant, memorable or consistently funny. These 15 accounts stand out from the clutter of joke and parody accounts on Twitter as well as impress with their attempted humor and originality.  — Ryan Lizotte

1 – @RickRossQuotes – As one of the few effective parody accounts that takes the role of a person, @RickRossQuotes impresses on all fronts. Tweets like “I woke up completely naked plugged into the Matrix,” and ”I like more meek mill instagrams than I do meek mill songs” are straightforward and humorous, especially when considering the image of Rick Ross. With most of the tweets relating to either the rapper lifestyle, or Maybach Music Crew, @RickRossQuotes is one of the funniest parody accounts out there.

2 – @DrakeTheType – Drake has been the subject of many jokes in hip-hop since he entered the industry, but none have impressed so much as @DrakeTheType. Poking fun at Drake’s “soft” attitude, and appeal as a singer and rapper, @DrakeTheType is responsible for several jabs at the Canadian hip-hop superstar, including “Drake the type to propose to his girl on both knees,” and “Drake the type to look at himself in the mirror as he puts chapstick on.” Although none if it should be taken seriously, rest assured that this account can provide you with several laughs, if given the opportunity.

3 – @BigGhostLtd – Not many parody accounts provide consistent hip-hop themed tweets, but @BigGhostLtd does it flawlessly. The account poses itself as Ghostface Killah, rapper of the Wu-Tang Clan, but slants more towards general hip-hop tweets, like “Nas bringin 50 Cent out on stage is the new Jay bringin’ Nas out on stage.” These tweets function as interesting commentary on the state of the hip-hop scene, and even with tweets like “Season 2 of The Wire was the worst 2nd season of a dope show ever,” conversation manages to occur in the replies.

4 – @KevinHeartReal – Kevin Hart has a distinct style of humor, and there’s no doubt that he helped his brand of comedy go mainstream, to the point where it became packaged by his peers (and relevant to hip-hop culture). Hart’s impact on comedy is immense, and it’s unsurprising to see the amount parody accounts that the Internet produced in response. Out of all the Kevin Hart parody accounts on Twitter, @KevinHeartReal is one of the longest lasting, and funniest, amassing over 600,000 followers since its 2009 start. With a winning combination of funny Vines, reaction videos, and funny, relevant cultural observations, @KevinHeartReal gives off an impression painstakingly similar to the comedian, himself. It’s easy to overlook the importance of Hart’s style of carefree comedy in our modern culture.

5 – @blueivyreaction – This recent gem is based on Blue-Ivy Carter, the daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce. In a typical tweet, pictures of Blue-Ivy appear with text and her faces act as a reaction to the text. The result is always comical, especially when the picture includes her mom and dad. Her reactions to “When people say Rihanna is better than my mom” and “When the person you hates talks to you” are definite standouts.

6 – @feministkanye – It’s no surprise that a Kanye West parody Twitter account would be as loud and obnoxious as possible, and keen on relevant social issues. Recent output by @feministkanye utilizes the #YesAllWomen hashtag, relating it to Kanye lyrics from “New God Flow” for good measure. Most of the tweets take the form of a two-part rhyme, and live up to the Kanye West tag. This account is everything we would expect at face value.

7 – @LilWayneRapLike (defunct) – The infamous @LilWayneRapLike account is now defunct, but was initially one of the most popular parody accounts, after its inception. With classic tweets such as “Eating toast while I’m thinking, call it Wonderbread,” and “Just ran a marathon with Eminem, call that 8 Mile,” its not hard to see that the creativity is all there with @LilWayneRapLike. After reading most of these tweets, it’s even easy to imagine them delivered through Wayne’s patented, high-pitched voice. @LilWayneRapLike exemplifies the modern parody account.

8 – @ChieeffKeefSosa – Riding off the coattails of Chief Keef’s success with “I Don’t Like,” it was no surprise that the Internet would blow up with memes and parody related to the Chicago rapper. Of the many ensuing parody accounts, @ChieeffKeefSosa stood out the most, with a Twitter bio that reads: “Here to inspire you, not in any way Affiliated with Chief Keef.”  The account is loaded with one-liners like “being broke” and “private Instagrams,” and when not taken so seriously, is actually pretty funny. 

9 – @LifeAsWillSmith – @LifeAsWillSmith is an account created with the lone intention of reporting a user’s life, all underneath a ‘Will Smith’ mask. Unlike other parody accounts, even the others on this list, @LifeAsWillSmith’s main intention, as listed in the Twitter bio, is to inspire others. It’s refreshing to have good, clean parody around in the age of Twitter. Through quotes, and other random thoughts, @LifeAsWillSmith fills a certain void in Internet parody that is highly appreciated.

10 – @Pharrellhat – The twitter-feed of @Pharrellhat is narrated from the perspective of Pharrell’s large hats, and they are pulled off with perfection. A typical tweet could range from a photoshopped picture of Pharrell’s hats onto a celebrity, or text like “Am I still relevant?,” and “Am I still a thing?” It may only appeal funny to certain people, but it is a highly original idea, nonetheless.

11 – @MACKLEMOER – This new @MACKLEMOER account is part of a new-age parody trend, which is currently specializing within twitter. The jokes are conveyed by tweets that contain a high volume of grammatical errors, and ask for a RT, or re-tweet. “rt if u hav fairy god parints,” and “rt if ur thenkful fer ur sweg” exemplify this type of dry humor, which only occasionally relates to the music of Macklemore. The only other relation is the nifty, user-created profile photo.

12 – @sobersnoop – @sobersnoop exists as an exact antithesis to Snoop Dogg the artist, and the perceived image we have of him, and it managing to nail the “sober” aspect in every single tweet. “Tea ain’t just for old white ladies,” and “eatin’ pickles like a gangsta,” are just a few examples of @sobersnoop’s genius one-liners.

13 – @notrealgucci – This Gucci Mane parody account mostly speaks for itself, but it definitely has its funny upsides. The account is a mix of references to Gucci, and other obnoxious commentary on hip-hop culture. There’s no memorable quotables, but this kind of humor has a time and place, and @notrealgucci is definitely a cut above the other parody accounts on Twitter.

14 – @MeekRapLike – When it comes to Meek Mill, a rapper with a distinct accent, and overall musical style, it’s almost too easy to parody. Meek is known for his loud, nearly screamed vocal style. With tweets like “Meek Mill rap like how Samuel Jackson talk,” and “Meek Mill rap like he ordering food from the passenger seat,” fans of Meek Mill are instantly able to understand the jokes. It helps that the tweets are oftentimes written in all-caps, just to emphasize the point of it all.

15 – @JColeEyeBrows (defunct) – @JColeEyeBrows has not been active since the release of last year’s Born Sinner, but it is still as funny as it was last June. Tweets like “Eyebrows trimmed. Suit game right. Nice Watch.,” and “My Eyebrows > Drakes Eyebrows,” @JColeEyeBrows had a steady gimmick, with every tweet referencing Cole’s notorious eyebrows. Shame that the account went inactive, but it was funny while it lasted.

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