We Forced Gatorade to Say ‘Sorry’ For All The Meme Things Posted About Lebron James Last Night…& Here’s What Kobe Had To Say.


Last night was fun-filled in Twitterland. After a cramp led Lebron James off the court, the Internet was in a frenzy. Memes everywhere. #Lebroning…


NBA fans and meme addicts weren’t the only ones going in on Lebron last night. Gatorade also joined the ‘fun.’

The Miami Heat superstar cramped up during Game 1 of the NBA Finals. He left the game early and the Heat went on to lose to the San Antonio Spurs, 110-95. James could be seen on the sidelines with a yellow-tinted drink. We don’t know what it was. Blame it all on the A.C. 

An air conditioning problem at the AT&T Center, where the game was played, led to unusually warm conditions inside the arena…potentially causing the cramp? I’m no Lebron defender, but I’m just saying.

Chicago-based Gatorade, which is owned by PepsiCo Inc., apologized for the incident, but did not say who on its team had posted the comments. 

“Our apologies for our response to fans’ tweets during last night’s Heat vs. Spurs game,” Gatorade said in a statement. “We got caught up in the heat of the battle. As a longtime partner of the Miami Heat, we support the entire team.”

No tweet has been deleted. Kudos to Gatorade. Check them out below. 

The Twitter issue coincidentally came as the company tries to promote its drinks as a way for athletes to “Beat the Heat.” Coincidence…or nah?

Here’s what Kobe had to say…

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