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Watch Out! Here’s What You Missed This Week

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Between the Summer Jam aftermath and the start of the NBA Finals, this week was quite eventful. We know Ray J messed up in Beverly Hills, Rob Kardashian is fat and honestly, when isn’t Rihanna nude in some way? Though there are some things that probably is news to you. I’m sure you didn’t know that Dwight Howard got himself involved with a teenaged girl that’s out to ruin his life or that Lupe Fiasco laid out an eye-opening freestyle for Sway. It’s also probable that you’ve been oblivious to Jhené Aiko’s inner fury and the new way to dump your lover using memes. Watch what went down this week here.


1. Rihanna Sits Poolside, Contemplates Making the Switch to Twitpic and Sends Drake to Voicemail: #HipHopFanFic

#HipHopFanFic is where we take the biggest headlines in hip-hop and re-imagine how they went really down. This week we take a look at Rihanna’s unsuccessful campaign to share nudes on Instagram. Check out the reenactment here.


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2. These Women Made Rob Kardashian Fat They Don’t Even Know He’s Fat

Rob Kardashian hasn’t been up on his fitness lately. But with all his relationships gone down the drain, are his previous flings to blame for his unusual weight gain? Adrienne Bailon, Rose Acosta and Rita Ora have all weighed in on their lives after Rob. Check out their side of the story here.

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3. Ray J, You’re Not Out of Control, You’re F*ckin’ Bored: Unsolicited Advice

For this week’s Unsolicited Advice, Ray J is in need some help. After touching a woman’s ass at a bar in a Beverly Hills hotel, the rapper popped off on the officers that were assessing the situation and got himself arrested. Check out what kind of advice we give him here.

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4. Don’t Let Jhene Aiko’s Slender Figure Fool You, She Goes Hard & These 22 Tweets Prove It

Jhené Aiko took the Festival Stage at Summer Jam this past weekend. After her set, the R&B singer got some hate tweets regarding her performance and she wasn’t about to take the insults lying down. She be petite but she’s not someone to mess with. Check out how she fired back at the haters here.


5. Lupe Fiasco Channels Super Lupe Rap For Sway Freestyle

Lupe Fiasco stopped by Sway In The Morning to speak about his upcoming album. He also laid out a fire freestyle for Sway, in which he threw out references to Sway infamous interview with Kanye West and name drops Stacy Dash. Check out the full freestyle here.


6. Cheaters Get No Love, Learn How To Humiliate Your Cheating Ex With Just A Set of Memes

When this guy learns that his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend, he decides to make the negative situation a hilarious one. The guy basically breaks up with her in a series of hilarious and appropriate memes. Check out how it all went down here.


7. Damn Dwight, We Hate That It Had To Be You. This Ain’t The Finals

Dwight Howard was trending on Twitter this week but it didn’t have anything to do with the NBA. Once a screenshot of a text conversation between him and a 17-year-old girl surfaced on Twitter, Howard immediately felt the heat from the fire that Debbie Kay ignited. See what happened here.

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