Sneakerheads Rejoice! Jordan Brand Plans to Relaunch Entire Retro Line


The Jordan brand is coming up on their 30th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than revamping their most popular line in existence. Dave Schechter, VP of Jordan Footwear, and Jeff Atienza, Jordan Brand Product Line Manager spoke out on the relaunch of the retro collection that’s set for Spring 2015.

“It’s comprised of a couple different factors,” Schecter told Sole Collector. “One, we have the most highly qualified colleagues in Asia at the factory level who are working on our retro products. We have really high standards for production and quality controls. That’s one big part of it, and that kicked in last year actually, so we’ve been doing that for a while. And then the next piece is that we’re going to be, starting with Spring 15, all retro models in men’s are going to be redone, meaning new materials and getting as close to the original construction as humanly possible”

However, don’t expect the price to drop. The new line is calling for a 10-15 percent price increase. We’ll keep you hypebeasts informed with the latest developments with the retros.

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