Lil Kim Named Her Baby Royal Reign. Why Can’t Celebs Pick Normal Names? Here’s Some Suggestions.


Earlier today, Lil’ Kim gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The veteran femcee decided to bless her daughter with the name…Royal Reign. Though she’s not the first celebrity baby with a unique name, it brings up a valid question: Is it taboo for celebrities to give their newborns, you know, normal names?

Between Blue Ivy, North West and, don’t forget, Apple, the children of celebrities continue to receive unique names that the average couple most likely wouldn’t think of.

In today’s new generation of celebrities, the examples and standards for baby naming in Hollywood are set quite high. What would will the next generation produce? Thanks to MakeMeBabies.com, we were able to pair up today’s popular musicians and actors to see what they’ll produce with suggestions for a basic(!!!) name for their child.


DJ Drama (Tyree Simmons) & Paris Hilton

Alicia Simmons

Alicia Simmons


Channing Tatum & Nicki Minaj

Polly Tatum

Polly Tatum


Justin Bieber & Azalea Banks

Tom Bieber

Tom Bieber


Ariana Grande & Lil Bibby (Brandon Dickerson)

Samantha Dickerson

Samantha Dickerson


Juicy J (Jordan Houston) & Miley Cyrus

Jordan Houston

Jordan Houston, Jr.

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