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Jay & Bey’s Failed Relationship Leaves Couples All Over The World In Question. If They Can’t Make It, How Will We?!


According to a Life & Style magazine article our favorite power couple, Jay Z and Beyonce are doing the unthought of…breaking up.

They’ve been together for what seems like forever. Bey met Jay, who is 12 years older, when she was only 19. They mingled for years, dated for 6 more specifically before marrying in 2008. By then Jay Z was already rumored to have slept with video model Shenelle Scott. 

For those that don’t know Shenell Scott has a son, Isa. Let’s take a look at the resemblance between him and baby Blue, shall we?

Isa and Blue Ivy

It doesn’t end there. The “Life & Style” magazine article has profiled at least five women who Jay Z is rumored to have slept with since being with Bey, not including Rihanna and Rita Ora. There’s exotic rapper Live, 1Oak VIP hostess Casey Cohen and a pretty blond who starred on Bravo TV reality show “Princesses Long Island” who Jay’s rumored to have bought $7,500 worth of champagne. That’s a whole lot of damn champagne Jay! 

Jay Z women

Jay Z has specifically been linked to exotic rapper Liv lately, whohe met in Miami. Remember when we thought the whole Solange-elevator fight was because of Rachel Roy? Well, we might have been very wrong. According to to the woman herself, Liv, Solange became upset when she say Jay speaking to her at the Met Gala. That’s when things got heated and in case you have any doubts, Liv took it to her Instagram to put our guy on blast.

No worries, the #BeyHive is here to defend and honor their queen.

A source has told “Life & Style” that “He adores Beyonce. The reason Jay has a wandering eye is simple: He is a very powerful man and women throw themselves at him.” The source also confirmed his numerous infidelities saying “Beyonce knows everything about what’s going on with Jay Z and other women — and she knows most of it from Solange. Solange is her little spy, basically.”

Will the divorce papers come out after their “On The Run” tour or will our favorite couple work through it? We’ll just have to wait until tour’s over in August. I really hope they make it, because if they broke up now, things would could get a little awkward on stage.

Never forget…

Jay z and Beyonce seen leaving the after party for Met Ball

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