Los Angeles Clippers Owner Reverse Course, Refuses to Sell Team,


He’s like a Batman movie villain. Donald Sterling, who was banned by the NBA for life and forced to sell his team after racially insensitive remarks he made in private to his mistress were leaked, has reverse course and refused to allow his estranged wife to sell the team. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer agreed to buy the Las Angeles Clippers for a record $2 billion but Sterling, a lawyer by trade, will not agree to the sale, according to reports, and instead will move ahead with a lawsuit against the NBA he threatened.

Doctors determined due to the onset of Dementia, Sterling was not mentally cleared to helm his family trust, which owns the team. Sterling’s wife negotiated the sale and the paper included a clause in the contract that stated Sterling would not sue the NBA and any fees incurred by the league would be payed by the Sterlings instead. Crazy old man? Maybe. Stay tuned for the best drama this summer not named “Game of Thrones.”

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