Next Generation Condom Made Out of Skin-Like Material, Feels Like Nothing’s There


The solution to “uncomfortable condom sex” might have just been discovered.

In an effort to move people from “having to” to “wanting to” condoms – because, let’s be real, nobody ever wants to use a condom – a research team from the University of Wollongong has worked to create the ‘next generation’ condom; condoms made out of “tough hydrogels.”

What in the world are hydrogels you ask? They’re soft and wet materials, like…never mind. The point is that they’re so soft they make condoms feel like they’re not even there and they’re biodegradable for all my go-green friends.

The team, led by Dr. Robert Gorkin, is working to replace the latex in condoms with biomaterial, similar to the kind used in contact lenses.  Now imagine a huge contact lens being the only thing between you and your partner instead of a thicker latex. Ok…bad example.

No worries, the condom are will still protect against STDs and prevent pregnancy just as much as any other. The team plans to identify potential hydrogels and a suitable “material composition” before examining further properties such as their breaking strength, toughness and feel among other things. So, in other words, it’ll still be a while before we can rejoice.

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