The 12 Best Quotables from 50 Cent’s ‘Animal Ambition’: Verse Behavior

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It’s been 5 years since we’ve heard an official LP from 50 Cent. While he hasn’t been active musically, in a commercial sense, he’s still kept the cash registers ringing by way of his business ventures and his charismatic social media antics have kept his name in the headlines. The mastermind behind G-Unit and some of the biggest moments in hip-hop history is back to give us a dose of what’s to come next with his first independent release, Animal Ambition.

Fresh off of a reunion with his G-Unit cohorts at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, Fif is aiming to return the Rotten Apple to the forefront with Animal Ambition. But in an era where hip-hop is softer, weirder and more dance-able ready for his return? Let’s take a look at the best moments from the LP and decide. — Majid Tejan-Jalloh | @jidsays 

“Hold On” (Verse 1)

“The true principles of life are supply and demand/
Guess if you never sold dope it’s hard to understand”

Before anything 50 Cent is a hustler, or business man if you will. The key to making money in any market is providing a product or service that people either need or want. 50 learned this in a different way than most, though.

“Hold On” (Verse 2)

“But, if I don’t do this shit myself, bet I’ll get it done/
Shit on my nigga, you shit on me, we of one”

Loyalty has always been important to 50 Cent. He’s started beef with other rappers just because they stood next to people he didn’t like.

“Hold On” (Verse 3)

“On the phone I heard ‘Ya smacked the shit outta a kid/
Now Jimmy got life, gonna smack him again”

This is wild. James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond was Game’s former manager and a rival of 50 Cent. In 2012, 50’s Toy Solider Tony Yayo smack Rosemond’s son, because he was wearing a T-shirt they didn’t like (and prolly for some other reasons). 50 isn’t the type to let beef go and he’s instructing Yayo to do it again.

“Animal Ambition” Verse 2

“Every hood I go through they fuck with me, you dig?/
Got the eye of the tiger, I’m on that animal shit”

Is 50 Cent is a businessman, or a business, man—this is his mission statement. The Street King thrives off of his love of his hood.

“Everytime I Come Around” (Verse 1)

“That fuck shit that you fuck niggas be doin’, man, I’m passed that/
Hood nigga down there on Wall Street, my stock run across NASDAQ”

50 is a representation of the street dream. I don’t doubt that he really has stocks running across the NASDAQ.

“Everytime I Come Around” (Verse 2) [Kidd Kidd]

“My bitch come from Honolulu with that dope ball in her doo doo/
Put it on a train and choo choo and the feds don’t have a Blue’s Clues”

Kidd Kidd represented himself as next in line on his features on Animal Ambition, none better than this one.

“Irregular Heartbeat” (Verse 2) [Jadakiss]

“30 something and you ain’t never open your mouth yet/
Social media is giving cowards an outlet”

It’s a shame that it took until 2014 for these two to become friends. Jadakiss’ verse directed at the ‘shook ones’ is what could’ve been a regular thingfor the past 10 years. New York, New York…big city of missed dreams.

“Hustler” (Verse 2)

“Get on my level, bitch, I’m careful who I kick it with/
We talk market and distribution and politics/
Got a chip on my shoulder, chip off the whole block/
I sell the chip of a whole rock, 10 dollars a pop”

Business 50 is back in effect. With a mind like his out there many can learn how to channel their criminal ways into something more lucrative and legitimate, or will they still sell rocks if that’s what makes them happy?

“Twisted” (Verse 1)

“Let your driving ambition offer you new visions/
May your gut-instinct help you make good decisions/
This is more than Champagne, this is more than just a glass/
This is a symbol of accomplishment we rarely ever had”

A positive 50 in effect reflecting on success and offering advice to those coming up. Instinct is key.

“The Funeral” (Verse 1)

“First shot, pop off, everybody popping shots/
The glass at the store front, we forgot God was watching”

In a song filled with great moments, 50 uses a little sarcasm to get his tale from the hood started.

“The Funeral” (Verse 1)

“His momma said a few words to her, he was innocent/
She might have heard he did some shit, but never saw no benefits/
So in her eyes, he’s mommy’s little baby/
But he was outside talking to niggas crazy”

When someone dies the person who takes it the hardest is usually the mother. In this case mom was either ignorant or in denial of her son’s wrongdoings, but this case was different. She pushed it aside because she wasn’t seeing any benefits (money) from her son’s business in the streets. As far as she knew, her son was an angel.

“The Funeral” (Verse 1)

“Cousin back from college saying he gon’ get who did this shit/
He a ball player nigga, nigga better play ball/
You play with the wrong niggas we gon’ get to letting off”

And it looks like this sad story is going get even worse. The deceased cousin is ready to give us his dreams to avenge his cousin’s death. 50 is letting us know how that’s going to end up for him and gives him advice for life.

Verdict: 50 Cent’s reintroduction to the mainstream is an interesting one. He still relies on what made him successful in the past and fans of the man will enjoy this new addition. 50 has clearly been enjoying the spoils of his success, but one thing I noticed is that he’s clearly maturing. Songs where he’d usually pop a clip at you are now replaced by songs where he’s offering advice to the young ones coming up and using terms you would associate with a business meeting. Maybe that’s his real ambition?


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