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Girl Accused of Sleeping with Jay Z Says She Never Fell in Love with Him, But Did She Really Sleep With Him?

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Casey Cohen was recently listed by Life & Style as one of the women who’s had an affair with Jay Z. She didn’t take it lightly.


Bravo’s reality star is denying all claims and now taking it up to legal. Other magazine also owned by Bauer Media Group also made the claim.

According to TMZ Cohen has hired a lawyer who’s fired off a cease and desist letter stating Cohen and Jay Z “have never been in love or intimate” also dismissing the Bauer articles as “a foul and phony mistress-rumor.” Looks like somebody’s about to have a run for their money…

Casey is demanding the publication remove all posts about her be removed from the Internet as well as issue a public apology to her, Jay and Bey…but what about Blue?

Bauer Media had not made a comment yet.

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