We Read Every Review of Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill’s New Movie So You Didn’t Have To. Here’s The Verdict…


After making their way through high school (twice), officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) finally get a chance at playing with the big dogs in college after a new drug, “WHYPHY,” has become the new craze. Jenko meets his bro-mate on the football team who later convinces him to join and Schmidt is triggered to channel his inner-Schmidt by Maya, an art major on campus. Jenko and Schmidt, as all other college students, begin realizing they might need move in separate directions. After all, they have no similar interests.

The levels of comedy throughout “22 Jump Street” are utterly entertaining. It’s a comedic drama totally complimented by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum who fill the film with nothing but hilarious antics. If you’re looking for a great laugh I, personally, recommend sitting through all 112 minutes of this. I’m talking post credits and all.

NYDailyNews: “Like any savvy sophomore, this comedy sequel knows there’s a trick to getting a passing grade…But the laughs are what keep the film together, even when the conceit feels been-there-done-that.”

ChicagoTribune: “Be sure to hang around for the closing credits, which imagine all sorts of “Jump Street” sequels to come.”

LATimes: “You might think the laughs are over when the credits start to roll. They aren’t. Hang around for a final bit of fun. From first frame to last, “22 Jump Street’s” low-brow is definitely, and defiantly, arched.”

RottenTomatoes: “Boasting even more of the bromantic chemistry between its stars — and even more of the goofy, good-natured humor that made its predecessor so much fun — 22 Jump Street is the rare sequel that improves upon the original.”

FoxNews: “Both “21” and “22 Jump Street” have come as close to buddy cop comedy nirvana as possible. The comedy is sharp and the mystery still has a few unexpected twists. Both films should make for a great double feature one day and it will be pretty difficult to top the Hill-Tatum duo going forward.”



RollingStone: But, darn, it’s great to see Hollywood’s addiction to recycling get royally skewered. From the opening stunt on an 18-wheeler to a spring-break rager, everything is bloated to the max. And a scarily hilarious coda that rolls out ideas for endless Jump Street follow-ups is alone worth the ticket price. They say you always hurt the thing you love. Thanks to this team of merry pranksters, 22 Jump Street hurts so good.”

NewYorkTimes: “Much like the jokes about “22 Jump Street” being a franchise, this kind of doubling flatters the viewer, who, after being pulled in as a paying customer, is recruited as a comedy co-conspirator.”

Forbes: “The performances are even better this time than they were in the previous entry, as Tatum and Hill show greater chemistry and bonding. It starts strong, ends strong, and in between has something to say about friendship and values. Oh, and stay for the credits, I feel safe saying you won’t see a better end-credits sequence in any other film this year.”

TIME: “The inevitable follow-up, 22 Jump Street, really goes meta on your ass: its best gags are about its being a sequel.”


SFGate: “The movie’s one flaw, a common one, is that about 25 minutes before the finish it slows down. It loses velocity and starts going through the motions for a patch of 10 or 12 minutes, but then it revives. The end credits sequence, in which they preview future sequels (such as “30 Jump Street”), is worth a look.”

ScreenRant: “In the end, 22 Jump Street pulls off the comedy sequel balancing act better than just about any comparative franchise.”

Film: “22 Jump Street is a success, as there is a little good ol’ fashioned “heart” beneath its post-modern veneer.”

BostonGlobe: “A hugely enjoyable shambles. It’s a comic deconstruction of that most useless of Hollywood artifacts — the blockbuster sequel — that refuses to take itself seriously on any level, which, face it, is just what we need as the summer boom-boom season shifts into high gear.”

MovieNation: “This comedy produces the biggest, loudest laughs of any movie this summer.”

SlantMagazine: “As funny and batshit insane as the movie often is, the fact that 22 Jump Street knows it’s a tiresome sequel doesn’t save it from being a tiresome sequel, even as Lord and Miller struggle to conceal the bitter pill of convention in the sweet tapioca pudding of wall-to-wall jokes.”

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