More Like Drake And Lil Wayne: The Young Money Bros. Best Collabos


Yesterday, Drake and Lil’ Wayne guaranteed us a blazing summer with their nationwide tour, sponsored by Capcom. Sure, they’ve had Young Money tours before, but never like this—hit after hit, these two are gonna duke it out to see who wins the stage, every single night. It’ll be fascinating to see whose set wins out.

But apart from their own solo highlights, Drake and Wayne have a long list of collaborations, hovering somewhere around 20. There are chorus-fueled hits and early blackout sessions, but every cut shows how well these two work together on a record. In celebration of the tour announcement, we put together ten of their best collabos. It’s gonna be a hot summer.

10. DJ Khaled: ‘I’m On One’ (Feat. Drake, Lil’ Wayne & Rick Ross)

‘I’m On One’ is to this day one of Drake’s biggest hits, amplified by the back that it popped in the heat of summer 2011. Everybody was walking around the club, fuck everybody.

9. Lil’ Wayne: ‘Believe Me’ (Feat. Drake)

Weezy surely has bigger songs planned for the upcoming Carter V, but ‘Believe Me’ is the best song he’s released in some time, and both verses of his sound like he’s hungrier than he’s been on the past couple albums. The first verse is especially eye-opening, but he still captures lightning on the second with “icicles made of sweat.”

8. Lil’ Wayne: ‘It’s Good’ (Feat. Jadakiss & Drake)

One of the better songs on Carter IV. Drake saying, “At least they had some bad bitches working in that shithole” was the perfect juxtaposition of heaven and hell.

7. Drake: ‘Ignant Shit’ (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)



The best ‘Ignorant Shit’ freestyle is still by Lil’ B, but Wayne had that classic rasp in his voice at the tail end of his druggy days. Residuals from his peak are still apparent in this verse. “My pistol got comments for your garments.”

6. Drake: ‘Miss Me’ (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)

One of many songs that made Drake’s debut LP a summer staple, ‘Miss Me’ finds the rookie keeping up with his mentor as well as killing the hook. Wayne still manages to wow with his opening line, though, sounding like a child discovering curse words for the first time. “Real n*gga talkin’, shut the fuck up, ho.’

5. Drake: ‘Succesful’ (Feat. Trey Songz & Lil’ Wayne)

‘Succesful’ was one of the earliest signs that Drake could be a superstar. Clever bars and intoxicating production create a cloudy environment, for Wayne to emerge from with lines like, “And that’s word to Toronto / So high up I got birds in the condo.” Every time I got high in high school I thought about being in the top floor of a condo with birds flying around in it.

4. Drake: ‘HYFR’ (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)

Drake stepped up his pen game for ‘HYFR,’ which samples the classic E.S.G. song ‘Swangin’ and Bangin.’ Wayne holding his breath because love is in the air and having a fire conversation (as corny as that line is) are the highlights of his verse, but Drake makes a bigger impact on this ‘Take Care’ standout.

3. Drake: ‘The Motto’ (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)

One of the lead singles from ‘Take Care’ ended up not really making the album, despite being another one of Drake’s biggest songs. The West Coast sound works perfectly for both of their flows. Wayne has such a keen talent for opening verses.

2. Lil’ Wayne: ‘Stuntin’ (Feat. Drake)

This somewhat forgotten gem from Dedication 3 was probably the best song on the tape. Wayne is all over the place with his singsong flow, but Drake’s only feature on the tape felt like a blockbuster cameo. “Fuck all the discreet shit, I get on some deep shit / I am 21, tell me who do I compete with” has always stuck with me ever since the first time I heard it, and his verse only gets better after that.

1. Lil’ Wayne & Drake: ‘Ransom’

The first song of theirs that really popped amongst fans was ‘Ransom,’ and it features a timeless Wayne verse. Only he would make reciting the entire alphabet work.


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