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Watch Out! J.Lo Breaks it Down in Tight Pants, Kanye Celebrates Post-Marriage Bliss & Justin Bieber was Baptized


It’s never a dull week in the entertainment industry. This week we celebrate life, from living it to the fullest to giving it second chances. The A$AP Mob let us in their lavish lives with “hella hoes”. J. Lo wasn’t caring about life when she broke it down in some tighter-than-usual pants with Jimmy Fallon.

Lil Kim brought a new life into the world and called her “Royal Reign”. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber was given a second chance at life with his recent Baptism. While Kevin Hart is hating life after getting dunked on nasty by Chris Paul, Kanye West celebrated the beginning of his married life with an extra honeymoon with Kim. Check out everything you missed this week.


1. Dear Biebz, A Baptism Just Ain’t It…You Need Help: Unsolicited Advice

After some juvenile racists videos surfaced of a then pre-pubescent Justin Bieber, the Biebz went and got himself cleansed of all his sins. But was that really the best move? Here’s our Unsolicited Advice for Justin.


2. Kanye Celebrates His Birthday, Basks in Post Wedding Bliss…at The Container Store?! #HipHopFanFic

In this week’s #HipHopFanFic, Kanye West finds himself overwhelmed with happiness after finally marrying Kim Kardashian. He’s so excited that he finds the urge to hit up a container store.. just because he feels like married people should do it. Check out what happens next here.


3. Lil Kim Named Her Baby Royal Reign. Why Can’t Celebs Pick Normal Names?

Lil Kim gave birth to a healthy baby girl this week. The Queen Bee decided to name her child Royal Reign. Will celebrities ever pick a normal name for their children? We had some suggestions for Baby names for the new generation of celebrities who may decide to have kids. See who we paired up here.


4. A$AP Mob “Hella Hoes”

A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvyy & A$AP Nast star in their new visual with “Hella Hoes”. Check out the beautiful group of honeys they recruited for this video here.


5. J-Lo Wore Some ‘Tight Pants’ Last Night. We Really Don’t Need to Say Much More

Jennifer Lopez took on Will Ferrell’s role in the “Tight Pants” skit with Jimmy Fallon. She definitely puts a more sexy twist to the sketch. No pun intended. Watch the skit here


6. Chris Paul Throws Down a Filthy Dunk (You Read That Right) Over….Kevin Hart?! True Story

Kevin Hart had the nerve step in front of the basket with Chris Paul. What happens next is exactly what you would think. That form though! Watch the nasty dunk here.

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