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These Photos Captured Drake’s Best Moments During HAW


Drake spent the weekend appreciating the city of Houston and his Houston-based fans. There were pop-up shops, pool parties, concerts and parties. Everyone in the land rejoiced and they loved Drake even more. If you missed out because you weren’t in Houston during the weekend it’s all good. Here are some of the best pictures that captured the four-day weekend’s most eventful moments.

If you don’t know, now you know. June 10th is officially “Drake Day.” 

Here’s a super sick photo of Drake getting his Drake on. I’m diggin’ the fire-like colors. Everybody loves fire. Kevin Hart knows. 

Speaking of Kevin Hart, here’s a Kevin Hart selfie…via Drake’s Instagram. Kevin got it poppin’ during HAW.

What in the world is Bun B’s granddaughter doing in this Warehouse? Was Drake babysitting while appreciating Houston?

This photo speaks volumes, volumes because it’s dope with all that smoke…and stuff. Drake did his thing.

This was one hell of a set…and we missed it because we’re not from Houston. ):

Too bad it was all a blur, for Drake. 

Shouts to 97.9. From Drake. 

Apparently Kevin Hart is not as funny as we all think him to be. Well, that’s a bummer. 

Drake clearly had the time of his life this weekend. 


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