WTF Happened in Sports Last Week? The Stanley Cup, Kevin Hart’s No Better At Pitching Than 50 & Lebron Doesn’t Get A Ring


This week in Sports the World Cup is in full swing, the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup and the Heat lose to the Spurs in the Finals. That plus some cool ass karate kicks.  Devon Watkins | @OHHLAWWD_71

We’re going to start this party off with some highlights from Game 3 of the NBA finals; the beginning of the end for the Miami Heat. Take a look.

Well most people thought the Heat would bounce back in Game 4 but the Heat got spanked by the Spurs 107-86. Heat fans were definitely feeling some type of way! Trust me I’m one of them. -___-

Of course once it became official that Lebron wasn’t not going to get his third ring the memes started firing off rapidly on social media. Here are some of the better ones.



Taking a step away from the Finals, check out this big time slam by former UCLA guard Zach Lavine. 

Remaining on the topic of Basketball check out this remix of a classic Nike commercial featuring the newest Vine sensation crack kid.

This didn’t happen this week but hey who doesn’t like to watch young Shaq break back boards!

Let’s take a quick look at the Stanley Cup finals where not a lot of things went the Rangers way except for this insane shot.

Here at watchLOUD we like to pay homage too all sports, even parkour! Well I think this is parkour, or just some thirsty dude trying to get a chicks number. Either way it’s pretty athletic.

Like I said before we look at all sports! Especially cool Mortal Kombat looking karate kicks.

Remember 50 cent’s horrendous pitch last week? Well Kevin Hart decided to put his own spin on it.

Lets finish this thing off with a stew full of soccer related vids to help celebrate the World Cup! First off it seems that even Football players are playing Futbol! Check out the moves of Lawrence Okoye of the San Francisco 49ers.

Soccer is the only sport that allows you to really celebrate after you score. Check out on of the coolest Soccer celebrations of all time!

Check out this amazing header by Robin van Persie of the Netherlands. This is the goal that started their 5-1 route of Spain.

You want to know how great that header was! It made these two guy reevaluate how they should be playing pin pong.

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