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Our Favorite Rumor of the Day: Jay Z Ditched Kanye’s Wedding After Lil Bro Tried to Give Him….Marriage Advice?!


Now, if you pay attention to Twitter too much (guilty) you’d know that in Kanye’s most recent performances, he’s, for some reason or another, failed to mention Jay Z’s name in his rhymes when his Watch The Throne buddy’s tag is a part of his lyrics. That mishap has caused a lot of people to believe there’s some trouble brewing between Big Brother and Little Brother, especially considering Jay and Bey didn’t attend KimYe’s (ugh, we hate writing that as much as you hate reading it) wedding. Well, to hear a UK tabloid tell it (we know, we know…) the two aren’t seeing eye-to-eye over Kanye’s attempt to give Jigga some advice. About marriage, in the wake of Jay and B’s elevator snafu with Solange.

“Jay thought it was laughable that Kanye was trying to give him tips when he’s only been hitched two minutes.

“His jaw dropped to the ground when he got the call.

“Kanye said he thinks Jay needs to stay focused on his marriage, ignore the negativity surrounding them right now and told him to ‘take care of business’.

“Despite the fact Jay agreed with the sentiment, he thought it was ridiculous that Kanye was trying to act like he knew it all.”


Spotted: Daily Star b/w AHH.

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