We Know Who Your Favorite Celebrities Are Rooting for In The 2014 FIFA World Cup, You’d Be Surprised


The FIFA World Cup is equivalent to the NBA Playoffs. Boys, and girls, gather around to drink a couple brews and yell at TV screens every time a goal is made. Individuals pick a team, sticking with it only ’til it’s elimination from the Cup. Those who don’t quite follow soccer, or should I say fútbol, typically root for the home team; American’s will stick with USA and Columbians with Columbia – you get my drift.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who actually do follow fútbol and I’m not just talking about a generic “Let’s go (insert team name here)” with that being the only thing ever mentioned in regards to the Cup. I, personally, don’t follow the Cup. I don’t keep up with the tournaments and have no idea by how much Ecuador lost the other day. Hell, I didn’t even send a tweet out, but these celebrities did.

Snoop is #teamSpain. Do your research kids.

Olééééé! Olé! Olé! Olé! .. Olé! .. Olé!

Even the Biebs showed Spain some love.

“Nicky & Paris At The World Cup.” Why was’t somebody filming this thing?

Stacey Dash stays true to her heritage and roots for Mexico.

Condoleezza Rice is @teamUSA. Duh.

Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, is also #teamUSA.

It’s only right…


Gisele puts on for her team in a series of tweets.

More #teamBRASIL.

Brasil has got quite the followers.


Shakira keeps us updated.

She’s excited.

And it’s no wonder why.

Hugh Jackman puts on for his.

A reason for everyone to be excited.

Former fútbol player Stan Collymore is reppin’ for his sport.

Estelle got jokes.

Ghana did that shit…or nah?

A congratulatory tweet from Lebron.

Rob Kardashian keeps up with U.S.A.

Even the White House is watching.

This would be nice.

Reggie Bush is stoked.

Worst game ever.

Talk about feisty.

The Backstreet Boys make a combat to congratulate USA.

In trending news: #teamUSA

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