Azalea Banks Makes Plans to Sue T.I., Internet Responds…Where’s Her Album?


Here’s the tweet that started it all…this time. What’s beef?



We all know Tip is not a force to be reckoned with and I’m surprised Azealia is even going there. He’s been to jail and he’s got some guns. I’m not talking about the ones on his arms (because quite frankly I don’t think he holds any there). Once a man’s got guns, he’ll always have guns. 

As we all know, T.I. is a family man and his family is nothing to be played with. Azealia Banks found out for herself firsthand this week after coming at Tiny’s neck. In a tweet, which has since been deleted, Azealia wrote “U want no mediocre but … Have you seen your wife?” making reference to T.I.’s new song “No Mediocre.” She continued…azalea-banks-tweets-2

T.I. Responded…with an Instagram post (which has also been deleted), but can you blame the man?! It’s his wife we’re talking about here!



Azealia was not thrilled with T.I.’s Instagram post. Her (since deleted) rant continues. Instead of ranting and deleting, which takes a significant portion of one’s day, I’d suggest putting some new music out. Album coming soon…or nah?



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