The 13 Best Quotables from Canibus’ ‘Fait Accompli’: Verse Behavior


There’s no doubt that Canibus is one of the most deadly lyricists of all time. His sharp delivery and imagery makes every verse worth a listen. After a storied career that’s seen some incredible highs (remember Second Round K.O.?) and some lows that we’d rather forget (remember the battle against Dizaster?) Bis is still putting it down.

Fait Accompli is Canibus’ first offering in three years. Twelve albums strong, one can only imagine what one of the most naturally inclined artists to ever grace the microphone had to say in 2014. Let’s take a listen and mark the best moments from Canibus’ Fait Accompli— Majid Tejan-Jalloh | @jidsays 

¨Fait Accompli¨ (Verse 2)

Why’s the flight time shorter than the pat down take?/
Is it cause freedom is fake in a police state/
The US Constitution got shredded in ‘08

A fait accompli is a thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept. On this album, Canibus is looking to clue us in on the imminent danger that we are in as Americans living in the today’s United States.

¨Pay Me in Gold¨ (Verse 1)

Corruption everywhere, let’s be clear: The End IS Near/
The Devil desires to tempt your ear
The Book of Life has no names, just shackle and chains/
Day traders reading Elliott waves

Canibus feels that the way that the evil overseers of the New World Order will rule over society will be like how day traders of the stock market use Elliot waves to predict the market. The Elliot waves gather information to form patterns and make predicting what will happen in the stock market easier for brokers. Canibus compares the way that humans will be analyzed to ‘stocks’ as opposed to as humans, taking away life and individuality away from us all.

¨Pay Me in Gold¨ (Verse 1)

You struggle to overstand the true history of man/
But the pursuit of such knowledge is banned/
Google Glass hardwired to the human glands/
Used to take two to dance, now it’s just artificial intelligence

Bis believes that useful knowledge of our history has been banned from us and replaced by techy gadgets that only make us feel intelligent.

¨This Ain’t A Movie¨ (Verse 1)

If you were me, I would be humble/
Seek out those who love you/
Seek the lord for you know he loves you/
Avoid digital voodoo…/
….Americans ain’t stupid they’re just distracted/
The good life was good for as long as it lasted

It took about four tracks to realize that Canibus was serious about this conspiracy. He advises us to seek out the lord and avoid the new school technology which he nicknames ¨digital voodoo.’ Then he goes on to say that Americans are distracted from the destruction of their civilization. We’re going to touch on this more later.

¨The Primary Axiom¨ (Verse 1)¨

…Native tribes slaughtered by cannons/
Didn’t wanna listen when I told you/
Now you eating soy bean tofu, look what you go through/
The faggot wants to be accepted, the Anti-Christ is erected/
The whole world changes perspective

This is where things get interesting. First, there’s controversy. America taking its land from Native Americans, the scathing religious statement made about America’s acceptance of homosexuality (Hi, Macklemore.) If this was a high profile release this dude would be rapping somewhere in Alaska after this. And then there’s the Soy Bean Tofu conspiracy which we’ĺl hear more about later.

¨Dyson’s Fear of Spheres¨ (Verse 1)

Any knowledge is not good knowledge/
Unless it’s gaining of knowledge to emerge from the darkness where it all started

Knowledge is power, but only when it’s of true substance and enlightens.

¨Dyson’s Fear of Spheres¨ (Verse 1)

Do you comprehend that? Say that last part again/
I was busy watching football again/
The power cut off again, on again, off again/
It’s the end of the world but lets all pretend/
It was just an awful dream, can’t even express what I mean/
Cuz I don’t even know what I seen

So yes, Canibus believes that we live in the world distracted. Distracted by things he deems as nonsense in the grand scheme of things. After delivering four minutes of bars about the future as he sees it, he mocks the average American and paints them as a drone more concerned with the scores than the New World Order’s plans. He smashes the last half of this song, you have to listen.

¨The Principle of Equivalence¨ (Verse 1)

There is evil at the doorstep of every man/
Declaring you have a choice, but you don’t have a chance

The image of the devil is another prevalent theme throughout Fait Accompli. At this point Bis feels that it’s inevitable that evil will come and consume us all and the only choice we have is if it will happen willingly or not.

¨Rude Boy Oscars¨ (Verse 1)

Ddin’t want to listen when I told you/
Now you eating Soy Bean Tofu, and trying to be social

Canibus’ second claim that not listening to him will result in us eating Soy Bean Tofu.

¨Rude Boy Oscars¨ (Verse 1)

¨Tell ‘em why you mad!¨ I ain’t mad no more/
You don’t want to listen to knowledge then that’s on ya’ll/
You put material items before God/
You! Put the evil leadership in charge/
You! Were deceive by thier villainous charm/
And you destroyed the Constitution’s rule of law

The Rude Boy Oscars is one of the defining moments of Fait Accompli. Midway through the album Canibus gives us his thoughts on everything from the Soy Bean Tofu conspiracy to fan’s perception of his music.

¨Sinflation¨(Verse 2)

Poor sons of bitches ain’t allowed to make decisions/
We’re middle-class midgets living off of Third World figures/
They say the economy’s grown/
But if you look there’s more vacant homes than homeless people living on the road

Part of the Soy Bean Tofu conspiracy is about the separation of classes that’s set to happen in America. Bis makes a great point here.

¨The Last Christians¨ (Verse 1)

Are there multiple or singular Gods?/
Do you fight on 10 Commandments or 10,000 laws?/
Life on Mars, what are the odds?/
Do I remember being there, nah, but what if I was brainwashed?/
The tier one scientist, that’s their main job/
To teach you where you are, not where you came from

Much of Fait Accompli deals with Canibus exploring theories of corruption. This one in particular watches his imagination go to work. He can build foundations for worlds in 6-bar sequences.

¨The Last Christians¨ (Verse 2)

Didn’t want to listen when I told you/
Now you eatin’ soy bean tofu, the government owns you

Once again, Canibus warns us about the Soy Bean Tofu conspiracy. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with Soy Bean Tofu, but I can discern that it’s symbolic of the governments control over everything in society, no matter if we like it or not.

Verdict: If there is a word to describe Canibus’ Fait Accompli it’s polarizing. I çan’t determine if this is one of the greatest and most eye opening pieces of work of all time or if Canibus has completely lost his mind (no shade). He seems like he’s dead serious and Canibus has always been a well-read/well traveled guy beyond his rap career with a background in data analysis and a stint in the military. The album is carefully crafted with skits from experts supporting his conspiracy theory about the demise of America. It’s worth a listen for any fan of the man or anyone who is seeking something refreshing with substance to add to their collection. What you choose to do with the information imparted from Bis is your decision.

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