10 Creepy Things Charlamagne Said to JLO & Her Reaction


‘Jenny from the block’ stops by The Breakfastfast Club to talk her new album A.K.A. She dishes just a little bit of juice on her love live – sorry fellas, she’s not looking right now – talks of her relationship with Puffy Diddy, her Nuvo-TV network, twins Emme and Max and more.

While I’m sure we all want to know of the interesting things JLO had to say there’s more to this interview clip. Watch as Charlamagne HAWKS JLO for a full twenty eight minutes. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned. I wouldn’t be surprised if a restraining order on Tha God followed this interview…

  1. The clip begins with a confession from Tha God. The last time JLO sat in a Breakfast Club chair Charlamagne sniffed the seat. The verdict: it smelled of “angel wings and lemons.” The results made her happy. At this point, I think she thought everything was a joke. Boy was she wrong.
  2. JLO laughs maniacally at Diddy. Charlamagne is in full support. He wonders if Diddy messed it up for Black men all over the world.
  3. Charlamagne is willing to cook for JLO, make her a macaroni noodle card and kiss her feet. It’s the thought that counts…I think. She’s with it. Again, she still thinks this serious man is joking…guurrrlll. 
  4. Charlamagne compliments JLO by telling her “You’re still moving. You don’t look like you need oil in your joints.” What’s wrong with that? It’s a compliment. Wait for it. Right at the 7:38 mark. Just look at his face. GEEZE Charlamagne, if looks could eat a person she’s be devoured!
  5. Charlamagne is pressed to talk about the booty. How does JLO do it? How does she keep it so “perfect?” He needs to know! It’s beginning to hit her.
  6. Charlamagne: “I call you vintage vagina.” Wait, what? JLO wasn’t digging that “compliment.”
  7. Charlamagne suggest keeping handcuffs and whips around to keep relationships interesting among other weird things. JLO’s face said it all.
  8. Asking JLO if a man has ever said: “JLO I wanna suck a fart out your butt” is not necessarily how to get in with the Bronx bombshell. You’re a sick, sick man Charlamagne. Sick…
  9. Charlamagne asks J.Lo what makes a sperm whale a sperm whale, in hoped of receiving a totally different answer than the one he got.
  10. Charlamagne sniffs the seat, again. As Jenny Lo makes her grand exit, Charlamagne rushes over to the seat she planted her bottom on, while at the show, and sniffs the shit out of it. I’m talking full blown whiffs. I don’t think she’s gonna like that.


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